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The Progress Report

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So SS’s progress report is in;

There are no grades, but there are a series of “default” teacher comments that one can easily do a mapping to a letter grade system

A - Participates well in class. Exceeds the requirements of the assigned tasks
B - Participates well in class. Meets the requirements of the assigned tasks
C – Participates well/ Needs to use class time more wisely. Meets the requirements of the assigned task/More effort required.
D – Needs to use class time more wisely. More effort required.
F – Has trouble working independently. Has difficulty completing assignments.

So using this grading scheme on the generic comments, I can estimate the following grades for his 8 classes:

1 B
4 Cs
3 Ds

DW says this is good.

I gave her the Spock eyebrow raise. She insists it is “better” than last year.

Really DW?

*Sigh* I suppose she is going to try and convince me that “F” means fantastic?

Okay, there are no F’s in this progress report, HOWEVER, a D is teetering on the edge, and I see a lot of Ds here.

While I was cooking DW was trying to convince me that this progress report is an improvement. I shut her down. “It’s NOT an improvement DW. I am NOT happy with it. If you are, that’s fine, and I am not going to bother trying to convince you that this progress report is sh*t. But DON’T try and convince me that this report is delicious chocolate pudding. SS is fooling around in class AGAIN and not concentrating on his assignments. It’s the same problem year after year…”

DW disagreed and went into defense-team-SS mode.

I told DW that it is pointless to argue over this because we are not going to see eye to eye.

“When SS’s report does come in next month,” I said. “then we are going to have a ‘coming to Jesus’ conversation. But until then, I am not going to argue with you over SS’s efforts in school. It’s just obvious to me that this is the same pattern repeated from last year.”

So DW went to talk to SS about this progress report. She asked him why most of the teachers remarked that he “needs to put in more effort” and “needs to use classtime more wisely.”

Without even looking away from his iPad SS answers “I dunno.”


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It really does.

I told DW that SS NEEDs to continue the tutoring program as it was helping SS. It would have meant more work for SS but at least he would have been steered in the right direction. That fell through when Donkeykong started screaming over the cost. DW said she was going to absorb the cost. I even offered to pitch in to help.

But as usual there is no follow through. SS doesn't "seem" to be struggling in school so she decided to forgo tutoring.

"You know, a couple of years ago we had an incident in our town. Crime rate was at an all time low so the city decided to slash the police budget in half. Guess what happened the following year? Crime rate went up."

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Rutherford, I am ready to transform myself into a blackhole and suck EVERYTHING out of SS's room, including the door and the paint on the walls! All I will leave in his room is a matress and box of clean clothes. But until DW wakes up and realizes that unless she changes her attitude towards SS, SS is not going to change.

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I don't know how you deal with it, Draco. Our situations are somewhat similar - I have always had a stellar academic background, have a college degree and am working on getting my old-lady ass into medical school. My DH, on the other hand, while very intelligent, has a GED. He, and his whole family, are happy that the skids attend school daily. That's about the extent of the academic expectations of my skids, who are both very smart and should be rocking solid As.

However, I don't get involved in their shitty school crapola because I just don't have time to manage my own full time job, full time school AND someone else's kids. It's ALL on DH. And he knows the bottom line - 18 and they're on their own. I refuse to support another adult who has been allowed to skate through life.

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Isn't being tall all that matters? Just think, he'll be able to put on more weight because he's taller. The BMI chart says so.

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Yup! You got that right. Being tall is all that matters.

"It's a good thing SS is tall. Great leaders tend to be tall people."

Word-for-word from FIL.

Eff me and the other short people who have to study and work hard.

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He never says anything.

The only time he speaks up about anything related to SS's studies is when there is a cost to him.

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scubed, u KNOW what dk says!!!!


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Come on Draco,... don't you know that "D" stands for "Dyn-o-Mite" or sometimes it stands for "Did Better Than Last Year" or sometimes it stands for "Didn't Expect Much Anyway"

Guess it just depends on what Guilty Mommy/Daddy school the parent attended...

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True story....Every semester, and I mean EVERY semester, SS would be failing the whole time. And then a few days before grades were final, his grades would magically jump up to C's and D'd.

So then BM and DH would praise and reward him for being such a great kid for not failing. It was sick. I feel like your DH would do this too.

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OH, yeah. And how about the "suspicious and wildly fluctuating homework grades syndrome" (TM)

homework grade 1=0 (not turned in)
homework grade 2=0 (not turned in)
homework grade 3=D-F (as usual)
(getting closer to end of semester now)
homework grade 4=A (obviously completed by mommykins or stepdaddykins--good to see they can do grade school level work)
homework grade 5=A (" " ")
Reward and praise for "bringing up grades" (TM)

Rinse and Repeat

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People who haven't achieved much don't tend to look at things the same way as those who have.

She figures, "Hey, he's not failing out! Great job!"

You know "Hey, his grades suck, he needs to work harder to have a decent future!"

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Rutherford and I have been having lots of PM discussions and somehow the subject of B5 came up. She's never seen it and I managed to convince her to watch it.

I haven't watched the shows recently but I have seen them twice. Most of my favorite sci-fi quotes are from that show!

Remember S.U.A.E.I ?

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Hey you were the one that told me about the "Metal Hurlant Chronicles". Don't sell yourself short Smile