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YSS stb 16 Is Doing Spendidly in School Two Months In

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Failing Math, English, Science and Global Studies.  He DID get an 88 in "Varsity Chorus" however.


Received several detentions for skipping school/class, failing grades and failing to make up any work.  Of course he skipped these detentions!  Way to go GIR and StepDaddyBigBucks!!! 

Here are the usual lowlights:

Does not use classtime wisely.

Science Lab work is not up to date at this time.

Student needs to seek extra help after school (yeah right)

Needs to study notes on a daily basis.

Attitude in class is indifferent.

Quality of work has deteriorated.

Student is not working to ability.

Inconsistent effort has affected grades

And to think Chef will be paying for this sloth for five more years!


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Hey TT! We're both members of the "my skid is failing school" club. Smile

This is the part where you and DH have a chat about how skid will NOT be living with you as an adult after he has worked so hard to screw his own life up.

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No assurance that he will STAY PASed out.

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It's really sad and the only thing I can say is that regardless of your socio economic standing in the world, if you are an indulgent parent who doesn't actually parent (giving consistent expectations and consequences), lack good character and don't make a sincere effort to support your child's academic life, YOU are the reason your kids don't succeed in school.

True of many situations here. True of my stbX and the BM.

I was given 3 kids to raise. I'm not saying I was perfect, but I put a LOT of work into addressing their challenges (learning disabilities and Autism), and I held them to high standards. As and Bs only - Cs had to be hard won - no lazy Cs. For all the mistakes I made, I can vouch that TWO parents on the SAME page giving consistent expectations and consequences WORKS to encourage your kids to do well in school despite their challenges.


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But we have one father who has been targeted for PAS and the Girhippo who is a laissez faire BFFer

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Absolutely, so in a nutshell, the Girhippo is the CAUSE for Chef's kids failing at life.

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I'm sure he has a long, profitable career in Varsity Chorus ahead of him Blum 3

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Time to make it clear, that this loser will not be living with you after  Girhippo support ends and he has no worth to her.  Leaches of a feather do live together.  

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The only thing in my favour is that Chef HATES laziness.  He no longer views his ugly biological extrusions as "coochie coo cuties" like he did unti they turned around 10.  YSS is a full sized, full grown BUM who would run in the opposite direction if that dirty fourlettered word "WORK" was mentioned.  Chef would probably end up strangling YSS if he did move in with us.