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YSS16 Is Really Racking Up the Detentions!

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Four this month so far.  My predictions unfortunately have completely come true for YSS.  He is the worst of all three.  Just a hair worse than SD20 and the younger two were evil siblings of OSS stb 23 who was just plain lazy but easy going in nature.

"Student skipped class and will get a detention"

"Student failed to show for said detention"

"Student continues to be late to school"

"Student cut class early and left his lunch mess/trash for staff to clean up"

Yep I knew that YSS was going to be the biggest POS the way Chef would dote and spoil him rotten and the way the Girhippo had zero rules for him.  Same with SD.  Although YSS was truly the mini-spouse of the family when he was coming to visitation. 

Here are some other lowlights:

"School Policy requires a grade of 30 for the 3rd marking period; actual grade is lower." 

"Student has been offered assistance but does not seek it"

"Student does little or none of the assigned work"

"Poor attendance is affecting grade"

"Student is not working to ability"

"Student  is uncooperative"

"Comes to PE class without PE clothes and/or sneakers"

Chef: "YSS is going to be DIFFERENT than SD and OSS" (when the older two PASed out)  

Me: (thinking) Yeah different meaning WORSE!



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most likely to go to jail.  He still retains all his privileges...extra curriculars, fancy phone, jr drivers license.

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OSS 18 lives with us full time - he skips school, goes in late, does what he wants - still plays soccer, still goes where he wants, when he wants.  I've tried sitting down and confronting him with DH.  I've tried talking to him myself.  I've tried it all.  He has zero respect for me, my husband, our house, or any rules I try to instill - I say "I" because my husband doesn't try to instill any rules or follow through with any consequences.  I've totally given up on even trying to get DH to stand up to OSS, he doesn't back me up at all.  I am counting down the days until graduation and when summer comes I will tell him and his dad that it's time OSS moves out.  He's not welcome in my house anymore.  I've got three younger kids who don't need him influencing them. Or my stress with him distracting me from my parenting of them.

Fighting alongside you in Coastal SC.