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The HousesHitter (YSS 18) is now failing Varsity Chorus!   Say it ain't so!!!

Here are the low lights (comments) on his latest report card:

School policy requires a grade of 50 for 1st marking period; actual grade is lower.

Inconsistent effort has affected grades.

Student is not working to ability.

Student needs to sign in during remote classes and participate in class activities.

Does not use classtime wisely.

Parent/Teacher Conference is needed. Please call (123 )867-5309 for an appointment.

Student needs to seek extra help after school.

Poor attendance is affecting grades.

Student does little or none of the assigned work


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will attend only if inconvenienced.  We have written the school SEVERAL times indicating that we have zero authority over the HousesHitter as he has been PASed out for 11 years.

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At this point the school is just doing what they need to do to cross those t's and dot those i's. He's 18 they aren't going to care if he drops out or never graduates. I know where you are CS goes until the paying parent dies and they can't get anymore blood from that pot, but still the school system considers them adults at 18.

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they will just pass him.

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at this comment.  too funny

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He ain't