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Toxic Troll attempted to overdose in front of Munchkin today

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And Im REALLY trying to muster up some empathy for her. She did not succeed, and Feral Forger was able to calm her down over the phone, long distance, but it feels like a huge pile of stinky smely cr@ppy drama.

Munchkin is stressed, and telling me (via text) that her Aunty Crazy Troll called the grands, who already called the police, who have already been there and gone.

The story I got was that Toxic Troll woke up this morning with neck pain. Went to the hospital and they wouldnt treat her, because she already has a doctor. So, she got mad, went crazy, and took a bunch of pain pills with intention to overdose. And now she wants to admit herself to the psych ward.

No real specific cause. No guy, she isnt drinking. Not that I believe that...

The important part as far as I am concerned is that Munchkin SD14 doesnt want to leave the pets at home alone. And she missed a class trying to calm TT. I texted her that I am here if she needs me, and that I dont believe her true intention was to commit suicide. That I am really really sorry she is going through this and I know its stressful and hard. Her response "yep". Truly heartbreaking.

Trying to be sympathetic just isnt happening for me right now.


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I am sorry for SD14 that she had to be a part of this little drama episode.  Not so much a suicide attempt as a tantrum because she couldn't get the hospital to do what she wanted, and a desire to remain centre of attention is probably behind her efforts to get herself admitted. Having had a real suicide in my family (brother, when I was 13) I despise this sort of behaviour.  People who use threats of suicide to manipulate others have my contempt.   

I'm not surprised the hospital refused to treat her "neck pain" - what's wrong with calling her doctor like a normal person?   The three witches (NPD BM, SD25, SD23) are also frequent visitors at the accident and emergency dept of their local hospital - more drama potential than a visit to the GP.  

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i totally agree. she has my contempt as well

my brother at 14.

yes manipulation.

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I just read this, poor Munchkin!  How like her to be concerned and taking care of the pets, not to mention her mom.  Our BM made a suicide attempt, too, right before Christmas the first year.  It affected the kids, especially sensitive OSS, for a long time.  Four years later, when he had moved in with us, his teacher called me because he had written about it for an English  assignment.  Of course, he was younger than Munchkin when it happened, was 9, not 14 like she is.

Like you, I don't know what you can do for her except be there.  And, like you, I lacked sympathy for BM, I was just so mad that she put the kids through it.



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yes I am so mad. so sucks!

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CPS would probably take this call, though I know you don't want to wade into that muck.

Honestly - I don't blame Munchkin for not wanting to leave her pets alone, I'd feel the same as adult.

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the critter kids. although i did promise if it came down to it i would def help.

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I'm gonna guess "not a damn thing". Perhaps "complain about how crappy/trashy/crazy bm is". Anything that actually helps Munchkin - NOPE!

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she will go to court is his fear. all mens fear. hes watching. waiting.

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Watching and waiting for what? How much worse does it need to get for him to take some action? If he really wants more custody time, this is the perfect opportunity. I have followed your posts and it is clear that BM's is not a healthy place for Munchkin. It is also clear that you are willing to help her in whatever way you can. Your DH is choosing not to help his daughter and she is paying the price for his inaction.

I have always admired your dedication to Munchkin. Her life is much better because you are in it.

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As long as Ive known him hes always been in fear of her rages and her taking him for more money. Hes waiting for something he can prove.

Thank you!

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she is nice and sweet. if you met her you would like her.

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I agree. But I dont get a say-so. Im the step aside.