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Munchkin wants 10 day blocks

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Just the past week, Toxic Troll Bm has been asking DH to change our visitation schedule becaus "this is what munchkin wants". She wants to go from week on/week off (easier to keep track of, better for her schooling) to 10 day incremements.

Dh told her "no". She keeps asking.

Munchkin SD14 hasnt mentioned it during this week and weekend, not a peep.

TT is having a "procedure done", her "La boyfriend" is coming up to take care of her "needs", (implying they are all identified by location...) and wants munchkin to "guard her room" and "protect the household from Feral Forger SD21". Very confusing plus a 1-bedroom apartment maxes out at 3 people.

So, Dh just ignored. Not sure if this will blow up, as things tend to with TT.

TT always enjoys making her problems Dh's problem. Its not his problem.

Plus, kids do not dictate visitation schedule until they are independent.

Happy Monday all!




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Yes, TT's procedure and geographical boyfriends are not yours or DH's problem.  And Munchkin can't dictate the schedule change.

Hope it blows over without TT further dragging you guys into it.

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Not without name-calling and threats of some kind.

Just thinking ahead at what kind of wonderful names:

- cold hearted bast*rd.

 - effing a$$hole

- your arent thinking of what best for 'oooouuuurrrr ccchhhiiiiillllldddd we created together"

You know, like that.

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Is your DH supposed to be impressed by the fact that her boyfriend is coming up from LA......or is that Louisiana. I've never been to Louisiana, but I've met people from both LA and Louisiana. Um.......not impressed.

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Im in Central Coast California, so its about 8 hours away. And, yes, DH is supposed to be VERY impressed, because she has this WONDERFUL man who is going "to be there for her", in BIG ways. Because Im not there for him, and Im a bad wifey, according to what she likes to tell people.

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After she had Munchkin take care of her, she'd probably want to go back to one week at a time. Just a manipulative way to get what she wanted because she knew DH would say no to just letting her stay there to care for TT. 

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And munchkin cant say this is whats up, because TT will rain holy heck on her and as she texted me last week "Im afraid of my own mother".

3 years and 1 month - wish I could teleport.

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Clove fun times huh?

TT sounds like a maniac. 

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Good for your DH for saying no to the Troll!

If BM here asked us to switch the schedule because it would be better for SDs and it's what they wanted, we'd give it serious thought.  Because if BM wanted a temporary schedule change for her own convenience, she'd just ask for it.  And if she asked for a change because she thought it was in the best interests of her children, our assumption would be that she at least thought it was in their best interest.  Why?  Because that's her history - she has a history of being straightforward about asking for favors when she needs them (and reciprocating) and of putting her kids first.  I know, she's a unicorn around here.

Toxic Troll, on the other hand, has a history of manipulation, putting herself first and never ever ever putting Munchkin first.  So of course you know that once she gets what she needs this time, the schedule will revert back no matter what your DH or Munchkin want.  I'm glad your DH realizes that and had the balls to tell the Troll no.  Poor Munchkin, she certainly got a bad hand.

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I dont see anything good coming out of this.  Unstable BM + "procedure" + new boyfriend, not good.  Stay on high alert.

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What an idiot, yes please have your LA boyfriend (One of CA's biggest COVID hotspots) come and take care of you while you recuperate from your vag rejuvination (or whatever procedure she's having done).

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What kind of procedure is TT having? Lobotomy

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Has munchkin met the LA bf? Or this going go be the first time he's up(or down) your area? 

I am hoping he is supposedly going to be there while munchkin is with you. That's got bad news written all over it if not. Talk about akward for munchkin. 

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I hope he's not some kind of creeper if he will be there while Munchkin is alone.  FF can probably take care of herself.

Might not be a good situation for Munchkin.

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I'm on the east coast and just learned about "skid row" via Cecil hotel doc on Netflix. Maybe that's where he is from?! 

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Just started watching that!

Clove ask Munchkin to find out if he works at Cecil Hotel..holy Gawd what a sad story

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Just started watching it also!  Ha ha that would be the 'type' that TT would attract!

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Toxic Troll's taste in men = white, baldish, blue collar worker types (if she can attract someone who works), and they must like to clean because she doesnt. Shes likes them VERY rough and the only ones that like her for long are VERY rough.

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Shes met him and he doesnt like the puppy, he likes to clean and he has a mohawk.

Otherwise no info on him.