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OT-unclaimed child support and money...I just realized I have some out there! wohoo!

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OK, so I was playing on the internet and ran into this site again. I read that you can put "child support" in the last name and it will give you a list of ALL the child support checks that are out there in "la la land" lol Of course, you can also search by your name and it's free.

So, in case you are owed CS, you might want to check it.
If you or your DH has PAID it and the idiots at CSE have "lost it or not given you credit for it", I would check that too! Because if there are checks that were never given to the "CPs", then there must be checks that the NCP never got credited although they paid.

So, in case you are wondering, I just found about 100USD worth of money that belongs to me and my kiddo lol...No, not child support, other stuff...

No, this is not a scam. It is legal and free.


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PS - I even found some money for my SIL and the crazy witch ex and her husband...nope. I have no plans on letting them know. }:)

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Oh, and I found DH's Ex on there also, searching by DH's last name. She likes to "toggle" between DH's last name and her new married name. I'm going to conveniently forget I saw that.

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yep, as I stated, I conveniently will forget about the ILs and ex's money I found too lol

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You rock. I just found out I didn't pick up my last paycheck from a job I had over a decade ago.

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cool! so happy for everyone finding money...I know things are tough right now, so I looked up a bunch of my friends too...I figured nobody will get mad for me telling them they have money waiting for them Smile Enjoy your money!

PS - keep it to yourselves lol