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La-La-La-La-La. . .La-La-La-La-La

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So I noticed that GG has been "hiding" his phone since the "living young wild and free" (horribly misspelled by VD SD13) text.

Seems she texted him YET AGAIN during SCHOOL HOURS yesterday with the SAME TEXT MSG!!!!

I told GG this morning that VD is getting that from a popular music rap video about smoking weed and getting drunk.

Me: "Do you want to see it?" (as I reach to type in youtube)

GG: (abruptly and gruffly) "NO!" and he made no eye contact with me.

I should have just started playing it and when he asks what it is I should have told him that it's VD's fav song and mantra. You know, "HIS VD" as he says; the innocent goldilocks child who won't be doing drugs. . ..

So it was the equivalent to him putting his fingers in his ears and going "la la la la la. . . la la la la la"

He would rather do an ostrich. Why am I not surprised? In other news I'm compiling a list of things to do for my exit. . .

List of things I'll be taking with me
Stuff to put in his name and out of my name

I've removed all files from the house as well as cherished childhood items from my bios. I'm now starting to separate paperwork into a personal file that pertains to him only. I noticed one thing as well. . . before he came into my life (year 2002) as a contented single mother, all my file boxes were neat, orderly, etc. Since then and especially thru the doormat years (2003-2009) the file boxes are exploding with paperwork from HIS drama. HMMMMMM!


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God's Gift because he thinks he is God's gift to women; in particular to me. It's a PRIVILEGE to pay for his living expenses and put up with his baggage as well as not be appreciated for the enormous contributions I make in this "relationship"

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Not married
No kids
And no he doesn't know; if he did he'd go ballistic as I"m his meal ticket

The only thing that has kept me there so long was the fact that I bought a house "for the skids" and he has gotten nasty and violent over it; thinking it's rightfully his.

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sorry, i think that song is freaking hilarious. certainly not a good example for kids, but it is sooooo funny....

hope you're being very discreet with your exit actions. gg sounds like a loose canon and you don't need his psycho ass getting any kind of heads up.

any target date?

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The fall of this year; I'm trying not to be specific on this site with a date in case there are spies among us.

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Well, now I do feel terribly OLD.... I just took a look at the video - the only bit of the song I even understand is the chorus!! No wonder she can't spell, she probably thinks these people are speaking English!

Boy I feel like my mother saying that - lol Biggrin

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And sending the same text message three times in a row to your father as though he's some soft of FB peer??!! Sounds psychotic to me (yes she's on anti depressants and ADHD meds for her oreo and dorito addiction)

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Auteur, are you and GG divorcing? I'm sorry, I'm not up to date on your blogs.

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No we never married but I'm exiting this year. I'm sick of him taking my MASSIVE contributions for granted and him telling me he's going to reunite with his psychotic PASed out sociopaths and resume the guilty/disney daddy position, while on the other hand, he wants me resume "doormat SM" and to "not associate" with my grown children who are productive members of society and don't ask for money like his will be.

I plan to get out just before the oldest turns 16 as GG has TOLD me that "he" is going to "help" his oldest buy a car. Translation: he wants ME to fork over MONEY to buy HIS KID a car when the Behemoth and Sugar DAddy Snuffy are rolling in $$$.

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Auteur - I'm relieved for you...thrilled to hear that you are taking back your power and carefully planning an exit. Yaaayyyy!