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Meet my friends Pete and Re Peate

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This weekend was my first time having a sleepover with Munchkin SD13's friend. It was her birthday last Thursday, and DH and I decided to let her invite a friend over and go do a Fun Activity (if I told you what it was youd know where I live!)

It was great, but a lot of work. Even just ordering pizza and having chips and salsa snacks was work, those kids were all over the place. Plus Munchkin got a new lizard with her birthday money, so she needed a cage setup with lighs for specific temps. Whew.

We thought, when Toxic Troll BM picked up Munchkin on Sunday, we could sit back, relax, watch some movies, chill. Nope, it was not to be.

Munchkin THOUGHT she was downloading a game app and charging to her mother's account, but instead it charged to our phone account (I hate sprint btw).DH gets an automated text from sprint about the 5$ charge, DH texts munchkin about it, she argues she did not, he sais "lets work it out in the morning", and then all he!! breaks loose.

Munchkin SD13 got her Fee Fees hurt, because DH said he was getting upset. So the Toxic Troll butts her ugly head in there, argues, and tells him he is "rude", and a "cold hearted bastard". That he will "lose his youngest child like he lost the eldest". The one who keeps asking to move in. Just, you know, to twist the knife in harder. He told her he didnt say anything mean, and that the name calling is horrible, and he would be dealng with it in the morning. End of story.

Munchkin KEEPS DOING THIS, getting the Fee Fees hurt, involving her mother, who goes into automatic rage mode, and then "I didnt know she would do that!!!" Those who have read previous posts know, its been a repeat offense. Typically I am the one that gets the blast.

Well, Munchkin, YES, you do know what your mother will do. We spoke of it, we avoid these things. I even joked, that he is MY husband, Im the only one that gets to call him names, haha.

Every week or so, munchkin comes crying to us over something Toxic Troll yells at her for, about letting her rabbits loose, cleaning the cage, or that she has to drive her to the house early for drop off. We dont turn it into a gosh darned drama!!! We hug her and hold her and ithats the end of it.

I so so wish I could record these numerous crying sessions, get a "burner phone", and send them anonymously to Toxic Troll. "See how much you have hurt her fee fees biotch? What do you have to say now?" Of course life doesnt work that way in stephell, does it?


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for SD 13 to download apps,  SD should be given some type of task to earn that money.  If that amount is say $ 5 a month and she goes over, then it comes out of nexts months money.  Unfortunately downloading all’s are a way of life today.  You should try to not give BM ammunition to fire back at you. 

You know BM is not a stabilizing force in anyone’s life,  She lives for drama, if there isn’t any she will find it 

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We already pay through the nose for expensive phone -  her mother can pay...we dont care about that. We are blocking sprint charges for downloads. Its pretty simple once you set it up. Its just knowing its a wide open field! We had no idea. It wont keep kiddo from downloading apps.

No - Im fantasizing only. I wont go there. Im super done - roasted and toasted to a crisp on all the drama. Munchkin knows better than to involve Toxic Troll.

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SS used to go back and forth, complaining about each home while in the other. BM, of course, took it as gospel truth and berated DH for non-existent issues.  We, unfortunately, probably believed more than we should have, and didn't see this pattern.

Munchkin knows how to get people feeling sorry for her.  Next time she complains about TT, don't hug her and hold her and give her that sympathy - point out that she does this complaining in both homes and she needs to deal with her issues with the parent she's upset with.


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Believe me - the last thing right now that I want to do is hear another sob story about Toxic Troll and how upset she is. Definitely the very very last thing I want to do is hold her while she sobs her heart out over annything. My sympathy has waned and dissappeared.

Whats left is cold nothing, a distaste for the continuing drama, and anger. She knew and has known the vile disgusting toxic crap her mother spews. She plays to the drama, I feel. She plays both sides, so she can "get more". As I have been making more money, and contributing more, I have been spending more money on her, too. Now, after this, after years of this crap, I dont buy that she did not realize or understand that involving her mother in a disagreement between her and her father would result in more toxic sludge sprew.

A cold nothing. And even better, we have her this week, after school, and after spending summer days with her mother, who is still not working. I cannot wait until these 5 days are up and I can get a break. I feel like I just need some me time, to get away from everything.