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Update: Bratty McBratFace Finds a Couch to Surf

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So Bratty texted SO yesterday that for her visit (someday next week - still no firm dates LOL) she found a 'friend' who's letting her couchsurf, so she doesn't need to stay with us (read:  take your rules and stuff them caninelover).  I'm so relieved and actually happy that Bratty did not persist with silent treatment to SO and simply found a different way to accomplish her goal.  That's actually very good for her and progress towards more self-reliance.

On the downside, I asked SO if he expected to see her at all during her visit.  He said no, he didn't think she would make any time to see him.  I told him I was sorry about that and he shrugged and said well we did lay out the rules for visits - so if she doesn't like them she can go stay elsewhere. 

I thought to myself, that's completely true but it's also completely true that she doesn't have to be an @ss-hat and not meet up with you for a vegan Boston Market lunch or something.  I guess that tradition is now officially dead (not that it ever really existed except in Bratty's head).

At any rate, I'm a little sad for SO but he did what I needed him to do for our peace and sanity as a couple and a household - and I love him so much for that.


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Me too Smile