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Bratty McBratFace: Adventures in Dogsitting

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SO and Bratty had a phone call this weekend to catch up.  SO shared some news from Bratty's life.

Bratty has a GF!  They've been dating since January and they are also non-binary and use they/them pronouns (I'll still use GF here for simplicity - since Bratty or GF are not reading).

GF has a Real Job with a Real Company!  Very exciting as I think it will help Bratty grow up a little to be around people who are actually trying and succeeding at adulting.

GF has a dog - a greyhound - that she asked Bratty to dog-sit on Saturday.  Bratty was heading to her cousin's graduation party and bringing the dog (her Aunt said it was fine).  Bratty stopped at her place to grab something and left the dog in the car with the window cracked open a bit.  Then, according to Bratty, there were some fireworks or loud noises that scared the dog, who managed to slip out the cracked window.  Personally I think the dog knew Bratty was a toxic narc and ran away on purpose.  But anyway - Bratty looked for 3 hours and found the dog, but the dog was scared and dehydrated and generally not feeling well.  They took the dog to the vet the next day as it was peeing blood.  I hope the dog's ok but I haven't heard.

Bratty still hasn't heard from her preferred post-bacc program that would be near us but she says she is confident she will get in.  SO cleverly asked her if she had checked out rents in the area (read:  no living here, Bratty) and she said she had and was hoping GF would actually move with her (GF is currently working from home but her company also has an office in the area).  

It would really be ideal if GF moved with Bratty as she would be occupied and not clinging to Daaaddeee for dear life.  Fingers crossed and I hope that is what happens!  Of course if GF is smart she'll realize what her dog already knows and run away from the toxic narc before her life is ruined...but we'll see...



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Bratty has a GF! Yaflippinghoo. May this last a long long time.

Poor pup though. Yea dogs sense who are good people. Hope the pup is ok. I mean who, well Bratty of course, can fluck up dog sitting in such a short time.


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If someone I was dating lost my dog, even temporarily, I would dump them in a minute!

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Be prepared for that

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Bratty will tell GF it isn't her fault the dog got away because of one or all of the following:

1.  Bratty has a mean BM and SM and clearly had poor role models to care for a dog so its mine and Darth Vader's fault.

2.  Bratty is trans and the dog did not use her pronouns, so its the dog's fault.

3.  Bratty is vegan and the dog was a carnivore, so its the dog's fault.

4.  Battty has chronic pain and could not hold onto the dog, so therefore its the dogs fault.

5.  Bratty was depressed and the dog was happy, so its the dogs fault.

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Thats too bad that doggie is peeing blood. 

Welcome to brattys world, pup. Because this is her world and you are just in it.

Hope GF lasts a while...

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Oh god, Greyhounds are very delicate and can get sick and die from the simplest issues. I have a friend who raises them and the amount of care those dogs need is high. I have a feeling if the dog dies Bratty and GF might not be together much longer.

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All SK's should have a permanent restraining order to keep them away from all animals...

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Unfortunately that's probably the case.  Actually GF may not want to move so maybe even sooner than that.

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OK so I did some FB snooping on GF - based on her graduation year I think she is 2-3 years older than Bratty.  I wonder how that will work since Bratty is super-immature for her age but maybe so is GF?

She likes to travel and likes coffee.  Other than that nothing too interesting gleaned from her FB other than her age.

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Maybe the pup got a grape or something and gave them a UTI. She may have given the pup a piece of food that Bratty doesn't know dogs can't have... trying to give bratty the benefit of the doubt...

BUT.... she did lose the dog... 

We take our lab in the car all the time. He lovessss it. We will leave him in the car for quick run ins etc. It's too hot now but, if we left the windows down more then a little crack.. he would probably be gone.. or bite someone who went to pet him in the car haha. Granted he's a 100lbs so the window would have to be down significantly from him to fit lol. 

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It's almost June.  She did not get in!  Not for fall.  GF most likely has a least on her appointment, and will have to wait for a transfer on her job.  GF is not moving in August.  
Just make sure DH knows Bratty is not moving in for a day. She is a Adult, has Adult relationships. And has to get her own apartment.   She must get a move on for moving in Getting a job to pay for said apartment in two month.  She Has to be in by August like eight weeks 

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Bratty's already gotten into some programs so she is waiting to hear from this one - apparently they are just running behind.  Its not a problem for a one year certificate program, which this would be.  Four year degree programs, yes she would have a decision by now.

GF may have a lease but in the Bay Area it is not hard to find a replacement to sublet to as people are always looking for places there.  She had a job now but will be taking out loans for the year to study, which is also common here.

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I was dog sitting a yellow lab and instead of jumping out of a car, he jumped into a car!!!!!!!  It was a parked car at an apartment complex in front of the laundry mat and she had the windows rolled down and he jumped into her car.  How do I know it was a girl owner, you may ask? Because he helped himself to her underwear in her dirty laundry basket and he's just a munching on dirty panties while I'm frantically trying to get him out of this girl's car before she comes out of the laundry room for more of her dirty laundry.  I've never ever used a retractable leash since that fateful day. 

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Typical lab behavior - the smellier the better!!

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Unfortunately heat stroke can be long term deadly. It can severely damage kidneys and about 3 months later it becomes unrecoverable. Poor pooch likely won't make it long term. Greyhounds are especially susceptible. 

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GF should dump Bratty.  Poor pooch didn't deserve this.

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Interesting, Zen, that you should mention heat stroke. As soon as I'd read caninelover's blog, I suspected that Bratty was telling less than the truth about lowering the window for pooch before running a quick errand. The 'stopping to grab something' may have taken longer than expected and Bratty returned to a pooch suffering from hyperthermia. Dogs are far more susceptible to heatstroke than humans and should NEVER be left in a parked car; not even for a minute!

Bratty’s story about a three-hour search for pooch, fireworks etc. does not ring true to this old cynic. Particularly coming from the lips of a girl who often embraces an alternate reality. If I were her (doomed) girlfriend, I’d be hopping mad!


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80 degrees for grey hounds can induce heat stroke. A car with cracked windows can very quickly reach that temp. So sad and so typical of narcissistic types. 

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But yeah it wouldn't surprise me at all if there were more to the story, eg Bratty fell asleep and forgot the dog in the car or something.

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You came to mind today. I was pondering YSD"s obvious issues with social and emotional immaturity, she 13 now. As Iisted all the examples in my head of things that are concerning. I realized I was describing Bratty.

BM is an abusive psychopath like Darth Vader so I found it very depressing that their is no light at the end of the tunnel and I will likely end up with the same issues 10 years from now and my very own Bratty. 

Thank goodness I plan on selling my house by then, moving and downsizing. 

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Even with counseling it doesn't get better.  Personality disorders - if that's what YSD ends up with - can't really be cured.  Those patients may improve with YEARS of consistent therapy work but will always be an issue, unfortunately.  

Run away if you value your peace of mind...

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The dog recovered and is doing well Smile