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Bratty's Brilliant Road Trip Plan

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Sunday morning, SO wakes up and reads a text from Bratty that came in at 5 am.  Bratty texted that she had a flat tire or tires on the way to visit her friends.  She asked SO to look up the number for Verizon because her phone wasn't getting data (but did have voice/text service).  SO texted her the number and waited for updates.

So apparently Bratty left the Bay Area just after midnight, then drove all night.  Where she got her flat tire was about an hour and a half away from us so we were able to deduce when she left.  Then at 5 am she gets her flat, of course its Sunday so had to get towed to a place and then wait for it open.  She texted at 10 am that she was back on the road.  And she figured out it was a setting on her phone that was affecting her data service.

So that means Bratty's plan was to leave after midnight, drive all night, get to her destination around 6 am to visit Friend 1 all day, then go to couch-surf for one night (its a high school friend who lives with her parents nearby), then visit GF the next day and drive all the way back.  Great plan, Bratty.

On a happier note she did text SO that she could meet him for an early dinner tonight before one last visit to GF (who apparently is in the hospital for a medical issue).  He was happy and it made me happy that she didn't blow him off completely after we asserted our rules for visitations in our home.

I'm still somewhat wondering if she'll pull her usual 'I'm too tired to drive back tonight' crap on SO for dinner.  I almost feel like she won't since I think she wants to prove a point that she can stay on a schedule.  But we'll see when SO returns from dinner!


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At least she could out her ego aside to make time for her father. Are they going to Boston Market for a vegan dinner?

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Nope, they went to a vegan place though!

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No boston market? She must be going hardcore in her vegan journey  Wink

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I don't think even she would dare ever suggest Boston Market again.  Now she probably goes in secret, all cloak and dagger...

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She probably goes in secret all cloak and dagger

You had me spitting out my coffee. 

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The scene:  Bratty enters a Boston Market.  She is wearing a wig, a big trenchcoat, a hat and dark glasses...

She approaches the cashier and orders in a whisper...chicken and mac please...

The cashier looks at her and casually calls back...'another chicken and mac order for a fake vegan...coming right up' 


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It's things like this that scare me when I think of Bratty becoming a physician. I mean she has no common sense. She has trouble planning 2 day trips and mailing gifts but she is going to diagnose patients? Hopefully we are talking podiatrist  or something and not say a cardiologist. 

At least Little Idiot is planning on operating on dead bodies so not that much harm can be done. Still, I wouldn't want someone who can't find the height of a triangle performing autopsies on murder victims. 

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Less than zero common sense.  I don't think she'll end up a doctor though...but if she does podiatrist would be great LOL

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Unfortunately acing med school requires aptitude at math and science.  No amount of crying victim will help if you can't pass Physics 101!!!

It isn't the right fit for her.  She the same fundamental issue with making any plans (even a simple road trip):  She over-estimates her abilities and under-estimates the task.  That combination will lead to alot of failure, unfortunately.