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Bratty vs. Grandma, Round Two

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We had SO's family zoom call yesterday, and towards the end Bratty mentions to Grandma that she'll email her some flight information about her visit.

As you may recall, Bratty tried to visit Grandma in May, booked ridiculous flights with 12 hour layovers, and made Grandma so anxious that Grandma told Bratty not to visit or to 'visit later'.  So I guess Bratty is taking Grandma up on the 'visit later' and is planning to travel in late August.  I guess we'll see if Bratty's learned anything and books normal flights this time, and if Grandma's anxiety returns closer to Bratty's visit.  Honestly at 88 I think Grandma really lives day to day so we'll see how she feels before the visit.

Also I figured since Bratty's booking plane tickets from her current location to visit Grandman - then that means that Bratty has given up on the idea of moving back to our area to attend another post-bacc program.  I'm not upset at all about that turn of events :)  Apparently Bratty still doesn't know where she will go and I'm starting to wonder if she sh*t-canned the whole idea for another year at least.  Most classes would start late August so if she's heading out to visit Grandma that would seem to be a big conflict, but who knows.

In other news, Bratty turned 24 last week.  She celebrated by going to Denny's since they give out a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday.  I had a hard time shutting my trap and not pointing out that a Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's is not vegan but clearly that wouldn't accomplish much.  Bratty wanted to take time off this week but her boss told her no since she had already taken two weeks off this month to help out Uncle Jim so it was back to work for Bratty.  She did go over to Uncle Will and Jim's house over the weekend for a birthday/thank you for helping them out dinner. 

So, any bets on if the Grandma visit will actually happen this time?  SO and I are heading out there ourselves next week for a couple of days on our way back from Florida so maybe we'll get some more insight then.


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She's about as much of a vegan as my dog. What a sanctimonious twit. 

Poor grandma. She shouldn't be put in this position all the damn time cuz bratty is bored. 

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If I were SO I would have told her not to go but not my circus, not my fake vegan monkey.  

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Seems like Bratty is hoping for some kind of financial gift or inheritance from grandma.


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If there's a will...then there's a Bratty who wants to be in it!

I don't think she realizes Grandma's 'money' is mostly in the form of a house that isn't worth too much, and Social Security + an annuity.  And anything left - most will likely go her daughter who's been her devoted caretaker for many years now.

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My DH is 84 next week and I'm here to tell you older people may not be up for visits, especially visits from clueless people.  My DH loves them all but about half an hour is all he can tolerate.  When any of our kids or GKs park themselves and start talking about their lives, their kids, their pets, etc - well, a little goes a long, long way.  House guests?  Forget it.  The exception is DS and wife who go WAY out of their way to make their visits beneficial to us (perform home maintenance, buy stuff)  and who give us lots of alone time.

Somehow, I can't see Bratty getting the clue....

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She is so self-absorbed she doesn't get it.

I hope she arranges to actually stay at her Aunt's house nearby but I doubt it because she is clueless.

I also hope Grandma speaks up again if she feels the anxiety.  

We'll see how it turns out.

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Strikes again.

Poor grandma. My bet grandma will get anxiety just before her visit. Bratty does not seem to be a smooth guest, always some kind of drama.

I learned something new. Dennys Grand Slam breaky is for VEGANS  Wink

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Boston Market for dinner.  That's how vegan snowflakes roll I guess.

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I always thought being a vegan can be limiting. How wrong I am! Boston Market AND Dennys, then count me in as a vegan.

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but more importantly is wine?

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Nope, still can't do it as I would miss cheese.  Oh wait Bratty has Mac and cheese at Boston Market so I'd be ok there too.

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Do you think bratty genuinely wants to see grandma or are there other motives for her visit? If grandma gets anxious then bratty visiting for an hour or two during stay in that area seems good. Seems like bratty doesn't even ask though if she can just assumes. 

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I think Bratty wants to "prove' that Grandma cancelled her prior visit because of anxiety over the pandemic and not due not wanting to see Bratty.  Which is the excuse Grandma used but I think it's really that Grandma doesn't want to be host Bratty.

I think Bratty also wants to prove' she can make considerate travel plans this time around, but we'll see.

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We went to Seaworld on Thursday.  They have a new raft ride called Infinity Falls.  The raft we were on was named, "Rafty McRaft Face."  

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I haven't been to Sea World in over 10 years, I think.

I hope it was a fun ride and day!

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My bet Bratty would protest Sea world, you know the injustice of all the captured sea animals.

Heck maybe sea world named that ride Rafty McRaft Face after Bratty McBrat face, and she is banned for life. LOL


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She saw Blackfish on Netflix and probably has a sign ready to go!

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How will she keep her job if she is off galavanting at Gran's B&GSB? 

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She was going to quit and go to her post bacc 2.0 full time....but I don't know if that's still her plan.  Bratty loves to brag when something goes well but is silent when it doesn't, so it will take time for it to flesh out.