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She is SUCH an idiot...

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BM is completely out of the house she was evicted from.

DH got an email from her yesterday evening (all typos and ridiculous wording is hers):

So, I live super close to you now. So whenever you want to come see the house just let me know. I want to pick SS up from school tomorrow, I can even walk if I want to since I am so close now "YAY!". (Insert Eyeroll). Anyways, I PROMISE you that this house is safe and clean, and has 3 xtra (her spelling) bedrooms all empty as well. I am sure SS could have one, I just have to tell him. and btw *roomate* will drug test me if he thinks I am using and kick me don't worry I am good and getting better at my goals everyday. bring him home when he is ready or by 6:30?

DH's response:
He will be at a birthday party tomorrow so that won't work. He won't be able to stay at *roommates* house. You need to get your life together, get a job and prove that you are not on drugs and THEN we can discuss that. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Judging by the multiple phone calls you made to me at 4 in the morning, you are obviously NOT in your right mind.

She hasn't replied.

So, she still has no idea that SS doesn't even HAVE school today. She gets the same emails from the school that we do so she should be well aware. She also received a copy of the calendar at the start of the year and it is available online. So, there is that. SS will be at a birthday party, he wasn't lying about that. In fact his schedule is booked all day. He is leaving the house at 930 am and won't be home until 5, then he has basketball practice at 7. Tomorrow is booked too with a basketball game, baseball game and team party after, and Sunday he has a double header out of town. So... sorry BM.

Her story is, that she is living with *recovering addict roommate*, which is partially true. I did see her driving her dads truck full of furniture up that street 2 days ago. I do believe she at LEAST moved her possessions in there. Last night her brother posted on FB that his sister needs help finding homes for her dogs and cats. That she will be living in her car until she finds them homes which means she is currently out there in her car right now, in the middle of winter. (boohoo). BM responded "this made me cry". So, on my way to work this morning at 6:45, I drove by the house she "lives" at (since it is up the street from us) to see if she stayed there. Nope. She really is living in her car. I believe she will store her crap at this guys house, and try to use it as a place to take SS when she wants to see him (DH won't allow it, but she will try) until he gets sick of it and kicks her out.

So, I guess it is official. BM is living in her car.


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"Judging by the multiple phone calls you made to me at 4 in the morning, you are obviously NOT in your right mind."


she is headed downhill and even faster than we thought Sad

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I don't know where she is parking her car and staying. I can tell my sheriff friends to keep an eye out for her, but she could be anywhere really.

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She can't take care of her pets but thinks she can be a part time parent.

Is this roommate going to tolerate her just dumping her stuff there? If he's trying to help her stay clean, wouldn't he be suspicious of her choosing not to stay there and use his place as storage? The only reason to do that, that I can think of, is so she can continue to use.

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I would hope that he would be smart enough to catch on quickly. DH knew him when he was in his twenties and this guy is 10 years old than him. They were never FRIENDS, just worked together and DH's best friend from childhood stayed in touch with this guy, because they were junkies together. DH cut them both out of his life about 9 years ago when his friend got really bad. Friend is STILL really bad, and still hangs out with BM when he comes to town (shocker). That is the extent of how well he knows him.

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She "claims" she has tried everywhere with no luck. I don't believe her. I think it is an excuse for her to not stay at this house that she is supposed to be "moved in to" so she can continue the fast life.

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Well it looks like she hasn't found a solution yet, she just posted "please help my dogs it's killing me and them".

Yesterday she was posting asking people for help with gas money. I'm surprised she has any FB friends left.