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**Insert Eye Roll**

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BM has been fairly quiet with SS. She will text him occasionally. He will sometimes reply. Most of the time he won't. Last week he was responding to her, and then she again made a comment about Meth Man and he stopped replying. Since then, she texts daily, just saying HI or that she loves him. He responds about once every 10 texts from her.

So she posts on her FB 2 days ago "I MISS MY SON". No one comments until today. A girl she has known since childhood (and I have known as well, but I wasn't close to because she WAS a really bad kid. She is now a foster and adoptive mom. She couldn't have kids of her own, due to her MANY MANY bad choices as a teenager. Anyway, she is a really sweet person and a good mom but lives in another state, so it isn't like they hang out). Anyway, she comments "he misses you too". I know she is trying to be encouraging and she IS aware of BM's current addiction, but lets not stoop to lies here lady. You don't know that. You have never even met him. But I digress. BM replies "you are sure right! There is only ONE ME, NO ONE CAN REPLACE ME, NO REPLACEMENTS!!!". They continue to chatter about how no matter how hard "the world" (meaning DH and I, of course) tries, they cannot wring a child from the love he has for his mother.

Ummmmm.... first of all "the WORLD" isn't TRYING to do anything like that. SHE CHOSE to walk out of his life. This was ALLLLL BM. Second, I never have and never will try to "replace" BM. I am SS's STEPMOM. I am the only one he has right now, but I have never told him she is gone and now you have me. So don't act like I am trying to steal him from you. And third... nice way to steal a picture from your mom's FB of SS and your grandfather. The very same grandfather that told you to keep your disgusting comments to yourself when you were turned away from a county facility for drug seeking, and you went on a FB rant riddled with profanity. The very SAME grandfather, that you then told to "kick rocks" (her favorite term) and blocked him from your page. THE SAME MAN, that told you over a decade ago to stop fooling yourself and let DH care for SS while you get your life together. HINDSIGHT huh? Gee, the old man was right.

Little do you know that while that very picture you just stole and posted on your FB page was being taken, YOUR GRANDFATHER was telling YOUR MOTHER how proud he is of DH and I. Telling SS that my name is his absolute FAVORITE name for a girl, and that he is very lucky to have him and DH as parents. I bet that picture would take on a whole new meaning for you.


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Gosh, it takes EVERYTHING in me not to say anything. I go in on my friends page that she apparently forgot that she friended years ago so I can see what stupidity she is up to. My friend wouldn't care if I commented. But then BM would block her and there goes my entertainment.

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She can't get me down. The worst that happens is that I get a slight headache from rolling my eyes SOOOO far back in my head! Blum 3

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It's so hard to not tell them really how it is, isn't it?

BM posted on her FB last nite that she had a kid free nite. WTF? She has had 1 kid living with her for a year today full time. She has had more kid free nites in the past 7 years, since she lost custody, than I have had, and my kids are 31 and 26. Its so hard to not respond. It actually pisses me off and puts me in a bad mood for a few days bc I can't respond.

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BM replies "you are sure right! There is only ONE ME, NO ONE CAN REPLACE ME, NO REPLACEMENTS!!!"

Thank God for that.