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quiet on the western front

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With only a few days to go until our vacation to Las Vegas and a peaceful breakfast this morning with MIL that didn't end with her going on and on about what a horrible job I do as a step mom (she actually told me that she's glad DH has me and I'm in their family), I feel myself breathing in a deep sigh of relief. Chances are it won't last too long, but at least I know I've got a good two weeks. Yesterday I got my copy of Stepmonster and I'm just about finished with it. I never made the connection before with the historical demonizing of stepmothers in myths and fairy tales, which is funny considering I studied fairy tales in several Women's Studies classes in college and this particular aspect was never mentioned (maybe just that most of us were too young to worry about being step parents) and the present social attitude towards us. I also really liked her play on the word 'wicked'. I always liked that word and it doesn't really bother me to be described as such. }:)
So, I'm out of here for a while (assuming that BM doesn't pull something absolutely shocking and scandalous while we're on vacation that I have to vent about) and I hope that everyone has a good week or two!! Wink


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Have a great Vegas Vacation!! What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas! Don't do anything I wouldn't do... (which leaves it Wiiiiiiide open!!)


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I just got back from my annual Vegas vacation... you MUST see The Lion King playing at Mandalay Bay... It was out of this world amazing!! I drug DH kicking and screaming to see a "dumb play" and he has since told EVERYONE to go see it... that it was the best thing he'd ever seen in his life! LOL!

Have a super time out there!!

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I actually already have tickets to The Lion King, I've always wanted to see it live!!~Bookgirl~

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What Ive learned along the that people will say good or bad about me but that has no bearing on my life. Im glad your MIL gave you a thumbs up. I guess my point is ..please dont let her power over you to validate you. Own your own power....enjoy your life ..irregardless of what your MIL says good or bad. Also, please live your life to the fullest & if BM drops the other shoe ..its on her!