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so freaking gross

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I just survived the SK visit. I thought it went well at first. We spent most of the day outside. DH & I recently got a beautiful house. I'm a garden fanatic so I spent most of the visit weeding and stuff while they rode bikes.
After the visit DH left for work (he does shift work). A while later I gathered my things & went inside. That's when I realized SS5 had left his poop streaked underwear on my living room floor. Poop side down. That's absolutely f-ing gross. I had to scrub to get the stain out. I already had to put a water proof cover over everything he might sleep near & now this. I wonder if BM allows that at her house.


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How old is the SK that left the poop underwear on the floor???!!! I would have left it for DH to clean up!!! Thats not acceptable.

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I think BM just lets her kids trash their home. At least, that's the impression I get when I spend most of their visits keeping them from trashing mine. I have no idea why SS 5 did that other than he really doesn't clean up after I know he doesn't wipe either. My 2-year-old is cleaner than that.

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I hadn't ruled that out but whether it is or he's just a pig, it's not going to happen again. I already told DH to deal with it when they come back. He knows how mad I was and I'll remind him if he forgets.

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UGGHH!! i know exactly how u feel ss13 used to hide his dirty undies in the closet n one day i went in there to get dirty basket from closet n they were all behind his shoes n boxes lk seven pair of underwear and they all had crap on them lk he didnt even attempt to wipe....i just threw them away then he kept this disgusting habit up until one day i got fed up and made him spray shout on them and handwash them outside them put them in the washer with detergent then the dryer and have him put them up! then we realized he didnt even know how to wipe his own dh showed him!!! he was ten not to mention hed been living with bm 90% of the time. i guess she wasnt bothered by it either! hers are probably just as worse! :sick: hope everything works out!

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Im sorry but your story about him hiding his undies cracks me up. Cause I can just picture you going to put something away in his closet and the SUPRISE SHIT STAINS! LMAO.

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Disgusting, I know! My SS12 does it too. We save a TON of money on toilet paper in our house. :sick: