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Stupid Skid

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I'm wondering, at what point did you realise that your skid isn't just being a kid, they're, let's say....not endowed in the intelligence department. My SD shows me nearly every time I see her just how monumentally stupid she is. It makes me worry for her ability to function in the world as she grows older.


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Both my SSs are not only dense, but also lazy. It became most obvious to me when they were 12 and could not even figure out how to find a restroom on their own at a restaurant without help. One said, "I have to go to the bathroom" and DH said, "go ahead". The kid stood up and said, "where is it?" DH said, "I don't know, why don't you look for it." The kid literally turned around in place and said, "I can't find it." This was not his first time going to a restaurant and it was not a big place. 

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Yeah, the not being able to find something that's right in front of them thing....I know that one all too well.

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How old is yours? I worry my SD is also just..... dumb....


I feel mean to say that but everytime I'm around her, I'm at a loss of what she is incapable of doing and some of things she says. So awkward I don't even know how to respond to her at times.

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She's 8. And what you've said is exactly how I feel....the complete lack of comprehension or ability to do or figure out things appropriate for her age. The stupid things she says that even make her peers raise their eyebrows...I honestly don't know how she manages to function tbh. It is so awkward isn't it? When they say something so ridiculously dim it's almost impossible to respond to it. 

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My SD12 does ok in school so she isn't stupid. She's very immature, lazy and can't form a creative or original thought. Her ideal job is going to be someone telling her exactly what to do. 

My husband and I are witty and quick, we're always discussing interesting things or making jokes. SD is humorless and lacks any curiosity about the world. She would be content watching those teenybopper movies or youtube all day. I know kids at that age get boy crazy but there is just nothing behind that vapid lazy shell.