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Her jealousy and my resentment

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Princess SD14 got easily 10x (Yes TEN TIMES) more for Christmas and birthday than my one year old yet the petty selfish jealous princess is pissy because my dad got my son a cheap three dollar truck toy and didn't give her the cash value. HER grandparents (BM dad) gave her $200. Did you see her splitting that with DS1??? LMAO no.

I used to love her, but after the past two years of her behavior and attitude and her "paybacking" me and "getting" me and lying about me saying she's abused for pity and attention from other people and her terrorizing me during my last pregnancy, I not only don't love her but I don't even like her. I am nice to her just like I am nice to kids I had to work with, but that's it. I gave her a cell phone. I make her meals and wash her clothes. She leaves dirty panties all over the floor and leaves all her shit in the floor for me to clean up. She's really ghetto, yet we raised her in our house with good values. She wants to dress like a street walker when she stays at a friends house and wears the friends clothes. haha 160 lb 5'3" wearing her friends clothes that are tight on the friend 4'11" 90 lb. It's absolutely horrible and the moron think she hot. She stole a lot. She lies and cheats and mostly manipulates. She presents as the sweetest most well behaved loving girl but she's fake.

She plans to live in my house for college, but hell no. I have 1599 days until she graduates, approximately, and God I hope she GTFO.

NO I never leave her alone with the baby.

YES I resent her a lot. My son didn't even get a Christmas present his first christmas; it was the day we came home from the hospital. DH took princess to inlaws for eight hours that day and doted on her awww cause she was going to kill her pitiful little self with two doses of vitamins awww She was so jealous and petty and selfish and nasty it killed all affection I had toward her. Now I just bide my time.

Oh she's IN LOVE and they're getting maaaarried when they grow up. Awesome. I'm all for it the day she turns 18; GTFO. She instagram stalks these girls and stares at their pictures fuming with jealousy. Seriously. It's freaking creepy as hell. She does it every day; she stares dreamily at them too.

Yep. I resent the hell out of her now and would be perfectly fine if she moved to her mothers (no chance she never sees her and is now claiming abuse on BM who hasn't even seen the stupid girl for years to do any abuse!) I can't wait for her to move out. If DH keeps her here as an adult I'll be PISSED.


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Oh my family gets her presents her whole life. She got equal from or MORE from my mom and grandparents AND from my dad.he gave her $30!! But he gave the baby a $3.00 truck the next visit and she got her nose out of joint.

She has psychiatrist and WEEKLY therapy. Hundreds of dollars a month..