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OT - Women Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day, STalkers! This has been a crazy-busy week. Feels like it should be Friday! I'm already thinking of what I can do to relax and destress in the evenings ahead. ALONE. I've had to spend so much time talking to people, that I'm looking forward to silence. And since my DH works a different shift, it will be veeeeeery quiet in our house for the next couple nights. 

Aniki flying solo - no tv, no radio; just QUIET:

  • Word puzzles: Flower Power or Places, Please
  • Jigsaw puzzles - no less than 1000 pieces. Ravensburger or Springbok brands
  • coloring in my adult coloring books with my 152 Crayola collection or 132 Prismacolor pencils
  • handsewing plush animals; sometimes making outfits for them
  • quilting


What solo activities do you do to destress and relax?


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Sounds wonderfully peaceful, Aniki! ;-)  We like doing jigsaws but I can't cope with the 1000 piece ones, I prefer 500.  For preference, the XL size pieces!  I say to DH, "small brain, large pieces" lol.    I have also since I had flu in October and November, discovered Suguru puzzles, to which I have become addicted.  I prefer them to Sudoku.   Also, when alone, I like to watch quality drama series on TV, and good films - I like foreign language films particularly.  

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I just bought a Ravensburger puzzle - it is waiting for a weekend that is cold in Jersey.  Its been high 40's and sometimes 60's here. Sad

Read - I just love my Kindle.  It goes everywhere with me. 


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Classy, one thing I like about the Ravensburger puzzles is that the pieces are nice and thick.

I imagine I will someday have to buy a Kindle. But I luuuuuuuuv the smell of books!

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I cannot tell you the last time I was in a library - too noisy! If only people would stop breathing... LOL!

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I will have some alone time tonight because of the weather (so DH has to work overtime). I am hoping to work on some art. But it's also a good time to watch shows that DH doesn't like!

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My DH works a different shift, so I typically spend Mon-Fri evenings alone.  I also watch shows my DH doesn't like! One of my fave miniseries is The 10th Kingdom. I might have to put that on the schedule for next week...

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I read, I admit I just love getting lost in a book and becoming a part of that world for awhile.
I have the adult coloring books and those help especially if I am overly stressed.
I used to love doing needle point, but I haven't done it in years....I should look into that again.

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getting lost in a book and becoming a part of that world for awhile.


I used to crochet a zillion years ago. I wouldn't mind improving my skills. Never was much for needle point or counted cross-eyed stitch.

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Good afternoon Aniki. I apologize because I have not read all the other post so if I am saying the same thing sorry. But I have to tell you my secret I found and it has helped me. Get out in nature. Hot or cold. Get out and feel the earth. Look up at the sky and breathe in the air. Over and over. It is winter so

what, it is snowing feel the snow flakes. If it is raining feel the rain. If it is sunny feel the sun. Nature is our friend and it is there for us when we need it. The full moon these past days have been awesome. I look up and love it.

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Queen, I luuuuuuuuuuv being out in the snow. Winter IS my wonderland! Just waiting for the day to break the ice on the old swimming hole and go for a dip. 

But there are times I want to be inside, curled up in my vintage papasan chair, concentrating on something that takes my mind off of all my worries. xoxo

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Oh I get that too. I love my blanket. And I don't share it. On the couch either listening to music or watching a good movie. Aniki there is always something that we can do. Find it and all your worries will be second. They are still there my friend but they don't rule the day. You do!!! xo

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My introvert side sometimes needs as much quiet as possible, so I need to leave the radio and tv off in order to "recharge". I can sometimes get away with light classical, but the quiet works better. Go ahead and laugh, but there are times I "lose myself in...

Menu Planning. *unknw*

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I loooooove detoxing from electronics! I'm a total introvert, so I'm perfectly happy hanging out at homereading, doing crossword puzzles, coloring, scrapbooking, or just farting around in my craft room. Mostly reading. I never leave home without a book! When DH and I build our home (hopefully sometime in the near future) I'll have an actual LIBRARY. I am geeking out SO HARD over this!*ROFL*

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Ghost, I misread that and thought you said you're perfectly happy "farting in my craft room". Um, okay. Fart away! Your crafts might smell a little funky, but you go in there and do your thang!!!

DH and I have so many books, we're like a mini library - LOL! The back seat of my car usually has close to a dozen books floating around (and always the EQMM in my purse and car door pocket). 

We have talked about downsizing after we retire, but would need a big barn (temp controlled) for our library. Possibly bigger than the actual house! Biggrin