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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! How are things going for you? Are you motivated by Spring and the dreaded swimsuit season? (I think there should be free therapy next to the changing room for those trying on swimsuits...)

I'm happy that more fresh fruits and veggies are making their way into the grocery store. Last night, I made some fresh corn on the cob. It was so sweet, i didn't add anything! Nom nom nom...

I keep losing/gaining the same 6 lbs (OR scales are conspiring to drive me crazy!).

Hopefully, with the snow mostly gone and the lake ice melting and fresh, tasty veggies available, I'll make progress. 


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I too dread swimsuits... Or maybe I'm just too picky... I can't ever find one I like (or one that doesn't feel like it's about to fall off and expose me to the world...)

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I felt the same until I ordered a 1950s-styled one piece in black with white polka dots. It covers me well and looks really retro. It's my favourite bathing suit now.

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I bought a tankini. It's a tank top with capri bottoms. Best I've felt wearing a swimsuit in years!

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Three things I wear to go to the beach. A tankini, swim shorts and a beach cover up. It is the only way I feel comfortable.

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Queen, I've seen some cute swim shorts outfits in the past but tgey were all for single-digit sizes. WTH, huh? I know plenty of plus-sized women who would have loved them AND they would be quite flattering!

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Aniki are your capri bottoms swimwear. I would love to have a pair of them if they are. I like 2 piece swimwear. It is so much easier when you need to use the bathroom. Plus it is more comfortable. I hate when the one piece rides up the butt when it is wet.

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I love one pieces! I had one last year! My only complaint was how thin the straps were, after a long day out they'd start cutting into my shoulders. Does yours have thicker straps?

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Yes, it has thicker straps. I find that most swimsuits in the 1950s style has the thicker straps and the boy short cut on the bottom.

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SO says I'm losing but the scale is not showing anything. I did take a flight last week and the seatbelt had way more extra than the same flight I took at Christmas so I must be loosing inches, just not numbers. I'll take whatever I can get... lol

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I have found airline belts to be very frustrating.  I am overweight.. but not nearly in the former Mama June way.  I wear size XL... or large.  But on some flights in the last year I have barely been able to have an inch or two of seatbelt available on most flights and then on others I have had like 6 or 7 extra inches.  It's weird!  The seats are so narrow too which is either hard on upper bodies for many men and certainly for lower body for most women where we hold our weight. 

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Ditto. I am overweight as well and hate flying. I have major booty so those seats drive me absolutely crazy. 

The flights I took (December and April) were the exact same airplane and the exact same seat so it was a good gauge of whether I had lost some poundage. 

SO is 6'2 and large build and he struggles so much while flying with the width of his shoulders and the length of his legs. I feel bad for him and others like him.

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Ugh, I loathe being crammed into airplane seats where the person(s) next to me is TOUCHING me. ~shudder~

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Muscle takes up less space!

My physical therapist asked if I've been working out. Yes, doing my PT at home. He said my back and shoulder muscles are more defined. Maybe I should try on my skinny capris and see if they fit again...

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Inches are better anyways! If you're losing inches but not weight it means you're getting stronger!

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I haven't weighed myself in ages, but my clothes mostly fit, so I'm guessing I'm still about 10 pounds heavier than I was this time last year. I haven't exercised regularly since July 2017 and I feel really flabby. My back is feeling stronger and I was able to mow my lawn by myself on Sunday, so I think returning to exercise is on the horizon. My dr. did release me to swim and walk, so I need to get on with it. I also need to start tracking my food again as it helps tremendously. 

I'm not really that worried about swimsuit season as I used to weigh about 50 pounds more than I do right now, but I do miss the muscle tone I had in my legs a year ago when I was training for a triathlon. That is probably what I'm most sad about - droopy skin on my quads. Another reason to start swimming and walking very soon.

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FB, get walking! 

If you look at a previous ToT, it has exercises you can do at your desk.

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This spring has been pretty good for me on the fitness front.  I started about a month ago getting back to my fitness and nutrition habits that had gone to the wayside the last couple of years.  I am starting to see some difference in how my clothes fit and certainly have noticed an improvement in energy level and stamina.  I have gone down about 10 lbs and have lost a few inches off my waist, hips and thighs.  I subscribed to Beachbody on demand for 99/year which offers unlimited streaming of all their programs.  I have also been drinking their shakes but am going to explore some other brands that appear to offer similar benefits at a much lower cost.  99 is much cheaper than a gym.  I also have a dog that gets a couple long walks a day and have taken to walking a couple laps around the lake at the office park during the day too.  Nice weather certainly makes it easier to be active.  The later light helps a lot too.  It's difficult to get outside when it's dark before and after work!

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Been doing warm-ups & workouts at home & at the gym, but as they say, "wide on all sides" right now as the SM stress got me 100% off the eating plan I had when single. Need to stop the nervous night-time carb snacking. My body needs far less calories at this age, and I have far less muscle-mass than say 10 years ago, so lots of factors but mainly the cardio is what's bringing me back. DH is a really good cook & baker... a blessing and a curse!

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SU, I hear you on those darn carbs! Why can't strawberries or ice water be my comfort food instead of carbs?!

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This is me too - I work out and try to stay active and eat healthy, but the SM/parenting stress is too much sometimes.

I was very very bad this past weekend: I made 3 batches of homemade oreo cookies. They were delicious! Now I regret it though, because I was starting to look great prior to that.

Swimsuit? I'm middle aged. I wear a double-layed one piece with underwire support.

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I am also struggling with weight issues at the moment but on the other end of the spectrum. December through March were horrible months for me with the divorce issues and having IPOD-H in the house. I lost about 15 pounds and was really unhealthy .Ended up at doctor and was found to be underweight. I didnt even realise that I had been losing weight. So yeah steplife has taken its toll on my body.

This last month and a half I have been eating healthily (gobbling up the extra chocolate bar as well but dont tell anyone!), and I have been running as per normal and restarted doing yoga which I love. I have managed to pick up 10 pounds in the last two months and I have another 10 to go. My clothes already fit much better and my boobs have better definition, thank you very much because that is important to me! Its hard on a vegetarian diet to add the weight but, thats were extra thick chocolate shakes come in. 

So yes, both ends of the weight spectrum can be problematic and step life has not been a help in mine. Best advice is to eat healthily - fuel your body with nutritious food. I guess it is part of taking proper care of yourself. :) 

As to swimming costume - 10 more pounds and some sun required. Dont like the idea of having a burger tossed at my (current) boney bum!

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Bet they were amazing! DH baked a cake this weekend, and the whole house smelled sooooo good. Luckily he took it to work because if left alone I know it would have stared me down from the counter & confronted me in a weak state!

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 Blue Jeans and Bathing Suits...ugh just hate trying them on.

Last year I found a cute Tanki thing with a skirt for our Spring Cruise.  Glad I bought it.  Unless I have work done AND a personal trainer AND chef...getting back into a 2 pieces bikini at my age is doubtful.  IF only we all had the money of Demi Moore, Christy Brinkley we could look like them.

Anyway..Tone Up Tuesday,,,hummm Has anyone heard about benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar? You can find information on line as well as YouTube videos. The taste is awful but so is the fact that I need and want to get into last years capris'.

I will say this about AVC---I notice a big difference in my knee and neck pain greatly reduced. It helps with inflammation.

Capri Goal---I know I can do this. Smaller portions and up the water. Even a few pounds helps everyone. AVOID a slab of  Pineapple upside DOWN Cake with coconut on top. 

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I started using it last year. Still don't like the taste but the benefits are worth it.

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I have actually bbq'd twice in one week!  SD12 is so happy and she loves asparagus cooked on the grill.  DH was quite happy too...I told him I'd show him how (it's a Weber, not gas) but I don't know if I trust him around hot coals.  Biggrin

I did my first extended bike commute today, which adds 4 miles onto my regular route.  I have to get up at 5:45 to do it (ugh) but it was beautiful this morning.  Can't wait till it's a more regular thing.  And I have to get my road bike fixed up ASAP.

I have three suits, one retro style one piece all black - not good for diving as the front is cut low low.  One modest two piece that I love (Liz Claiborne makes great suits for women) and one tankini that's good for more active stuff (also Liz).  I'm in the pool as much as possible in the summer.

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not too concerned about swimsuit season!  I have a hottub which I convert into a pool in the summer and just skinny dip.  Yes we live in a VERY rural setting so no onlookers (unless you want to count the Indigo Buntings and Catbirds)