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OT - Tone-Up Tuesday

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Tuesday has rolled around once again (so predictable!). How goes it, STalkers?

Do you have a favorite meal substitute or something to tide you over between meals?

I prefer protein shakes. My go-to, premade shakes are Atkins Vanilla and Core Power High Protein Vanilla shakes. Those Core Power shakes taste like an actual milkshake! Atkins is a "filler" when I have a long stretch between meals. Core Power is something I will drink for breakfast.

My fave proten powder mix is Ideal Lean French Vanilla, which I drink as a replacement for ANY meal. I mix it with milk to get my Vitamin Moo, and any number of tasty additives:

  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves
  • Almond extract, strawberry extract, coconut extract, mint extract (sorry - no booze!)
  • Blend it up with fruit (fresh or frozen): strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, mango, pineapple, etc.

What do you do eat/drink for a meal replacement or to tide you over between meals?


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I still need to try some of the ideal lean shakes.. I keep meaning to but my cheap self alwasy cringes and then says "it's fine..."

I like oranges! Or sugar snap peas! I normally keep a bag of those in the fridge so I cna munch on them! As far as shakes go though... I've been using this chocolate protein powder I stole from DH (I can't balk at the price if I don't know it!) and then I throw it, some milk, and a frozen banana in the blender!

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PA, the Ideal Lean costs about $40 for one container, which makes 30 shakes. Not too bad, price-wise!

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I know! But then shipping, and I'm AWFUL at spending money on myself... I went to six flags and came out of there with stuff for DH and the girls... I bought myself a small super chepa thing just so DH wouldn't say anything about me not getting myself something... But when it comes to spending on myself I'm terrible at it!

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We are big fans of the Atkins shakes in our house.  DH likes the chocolate, while I am partial to the dark chocolate and the coffee ones Smile

I freeze grapes and snack on them at work - they are delicious!!!


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Cut a slit in green grapes, slip in a craisin and freeze. Add to the Halloween punchbowl/glass as Dragon Eyes. Wink

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I sometimes use Smartfood Cheddar Popcorn as a meal replacement. Two weeks ago, I replaced dinner with a cupcake and a salad.

I have been stress eating to the max. lol

In my healthier days, I stuck to fruits and nuts between meals, and never actually replaced a meal, but sometimes accidentally forgot and skipped one.

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Right now, anything and everything, I dropped an unhealthy amount of weight in the past year or so so I'm eating as much as often as I can, protein shakes, peanut butter, plus all the cookies and and other not good for you snacks just to get something inside me.

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Major, I think my sister and I found that weight...

Have you tried adding protein supplements specifically for weight gain? ~hands Major a couple of donuts~

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Definitely gained weight from Stress-Eating the past two years as a stressed-out Smom. Two weeks ago headed back to the gym... totally miss the mental clarity from eating healthy (avoid sugar, flour, refined carbs) and having a hard time dropping weight now that I'm mid-40's & going thru the change (remind me that hot flashes & night sweats are temporary because it's been 3+ years now!) and I have so much less muscle mass. I am going to the gym in the morning and look forward to it, even though I'm struggling to get back up to my old level of resistance for 30 solid minutes. My plan is to continue avoiding the office holiday goodies, even though they are FaBuLoUs, because it's easier to NOT start than to stop when it comes to chocolate. 

Hope ya'll had an excellent Tuesday,