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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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It's Tuesday again, STalkers! How goes the toning? I looked in the mirror and realized that, in a swimsuit, I look like a potato: pasty white and round with splashes of color in the middle. Just the look I was striving for....NOT!!!

I went to the doctor and stepped on the dreaded scale (after removing my 50-lb boots and 20-lb wallet). Turns out I have actually lost 6.5 pounds. Surprise!!! Since I am still NOT working out and am constantly exhausted, I have to attribute that to my on-the-fly breakfast substitute: a protein shake.

I am a MUST HAVE BREAKFAST person, but I don't always have time to eat - and there is NO way I'm hauling my hiney out of bed earlier to cook/eat breakfast. I typically eat breakfast at work (oatmeal or cereal, but don't always have the time. The last 2 weeks, I've skipped chewing and gone with drinking (no, unfortunately, my coffee is NOT spiked).

My favorite protein shakes:

  • Atkins Vanilla OR Dark Chocolate Royale (15 grams of protein. BONUS: only 1 gram of sugar!)
  • Core Power Hight Protein Milk Shake - Vanilla (26 grams of protein)
  • Ideal Lean mixed with skim milk (32 grams of protein)

I also grab an Atkins shake when I know I'll have a long gap between meals. What do you do when your body needs fuel and you don't have time to sit down and eat?


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I've wanted to order Ideal lean for so long!!!! (I'm just poor... After court blows over I'll probably dip into savings on "accident".... LOL) Is it good??? What flavors?!

Also toning was going good... Then DH handed me my alarm instead of forcing me to get up this morning... Ergo... I dozed off and didn't get up... LMAO. He was trying so hard to be helpful to grumpy sleepy me! But it kind of backfired as awake me got frustrated this morning. LOL

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It was on sale for $29.99 for the container, which is 30 servings. I got the French Vanilla. There are lots of other flavors, but vanilla (IMHO) has a good base flavor to which I can add things. Such as:

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Extracts: almond, mint, coconut, strawberry, etc)

I also want to try blending it with some frozen fruit or berries (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, peaches). Practically a protein shake bar!!

  • Pineapple with coconut extract (pina colada)
  • Strawberries and coconut extract (strawberry colada)
  • Blueberries and mint extract (blueberry mojito)
  • Peaches and rum extract (peaches and cream daiquiri)

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Yummy! I may order some... I get the sale emails all the time... Then bills happen, or DH needs weird amounts of gas and BOOM, goodbye monies. LMAO

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Do you have access to a microwave at work?  I like to make a crustless quiche on the weekend, then take a slice or two to work and nuke and eat.  Or I'll heat it up before leaving and eat it in the car. Sometimes I'll make it in muffin or mini muffin pans to make it really portable.  If I'll be going a long stretch without a meal, I just put nuts into a ziplock and bring them with me. They're very filling because of the fat content. I watch carbs, not fat, so that works for me.

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I do have access to a microwave, which is how I heat up my homemade lunch!

What kind of nuts? Cashews, almonds, macademia, pecans, walnuts.... anything but peanuts. I want those in peanut butter! LOL

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Yay on your weightloss of 6.5 lbs! Thats awesome.

I'm still just eating like crap with no self control!  I started reading Fat for Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  It is pretty interesting and I'm considering trying to change my eating habits and seeing if it really makes me feel better!

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I hear you on self-control. I'm usually reeeeeaaaaalllllly good at work. Then I go home and stress-eat the pantry/fridge. I need someone who will follow me around and slap my hand when I'm reaching for more!

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Ha, this is my problem also.  I am a saint about eating at work.  Hot tea with honey, plenty of water, healthy snacks or meals and then I get home and go crazy :(  I was just thinking about that last maybe if I just stay at work ALL DAY I will eat better all the time!  

Someone mentioned nuts as a snack.  I just thought I would share my favorite.  At Trader Joes they have chili lime flavored cashews, a bit spicy but so delicious!!!!! They also have them at Aldi (my fav store) but the Trader Joe ones are better!  Mmmm!!!!!

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Going to the doctor is something I HATE!!!! Getting on the scale is a nightmare for me. My palms get all wet and my heart starts beating fast. I wish I could just skip that part of going to the doctor.

6.5 pounds down, good for you. Smile

I eat a banana in the morning after I take my vitamins. I am not much of a breakfast person. I do like brunch on the weekends.

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Queen, I hear you! There are days I swear I need a panic attack pill to step on that scale. Frankly, the nurse needs to take my blood pressure BEFORE putting me on the dreaded scale.

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I've been trying to intermittently fast as a cleansing and weight loss tool. It's working so far. I was just finding that my schedule was too busy to try and eat three healthy meals per day so I studied a lot about intermittent fasting - it's pros and cons - and decided to try it. 

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So.... do you substitute anything for the skipped meal or do you just not eat?? Not eating is not an option for me.

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You schedule your eating and fasting for optimum timing so your body can burn the fat instead of just using the calories for energy. But yes, you have to skip meals.

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At this moment, I am eating girl scout cookies. Samoas. My favorite. I just picked up four boxes from a guy at work. I told him that I will have to try really hard not to eat all of them by the end of the day. He thought I was joking.

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He thought you were joking. Foolish mortal!!!

I'm not a big GSC fan - give me homemade! My sister, on the other hand, can hoover a box of Thin Mints in one night. Wacko

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My trainer is very grumpy with me because I made zero progress over the last month due mostly to poor eating. She and I did magically discover together that my stomach issues probably prevent me from absorbing nutrients the way I need to. I am now on a combo of protein powder and fish oil (for muscle/joint pain) to get where she needs me to be.

You should have seen me walk into GNC looking for good protein powder that wouldn't kill my stomach. Deer in headlights doesn't quite cover it. Thank god the salesperson seemed somewhat knowledgeable and pointed me to something without a ton of additives.

Also, I am cutting way down on carbs. I have maybe lost 1-2 pounds, but with the weight training, I don't expect to see much weight loss.

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Oh, I wish I could afford a trainer!

When I'm working out, I prefer to go by how my clothes fit as opposed to how much I weigh.