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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! While I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend, I'm a little bummed that DH has to work OT because we were thinking of heading to a nearby Labor Day festival on Saturday. Such is life. I have a number of things planned that will be easier to accomplish with DH out of the house.

I am thankful for:

  • The end of physial therapy. Woo hoo! This go-round has been, quite literally, a pain. I've never whimpered so much and my loathing of massage has increased tenfold. ~shudder~
  • My Dad's sharp eyes. He noticed a tiny spot of mold and contacted an inspector. Turns out that was the tip of the iceberg. They will be in the house during the day when the workers are there, but will spend the nights elsewhere. I am so thankful that was found and neither of them is suffering any ill effects. Scary stuff.
  • Zoom isn't working today. Evil Aniki has her fingers crossed that it stays inoperable the rest of the work week because it means no interaction with King Pita!
  • Farmers market tomorrow. What goodies will I find to make into a new culinary creation?


Thirsty Thursday: what's your go-to warm up drink? Mine are:

  • Coffee (kahvi), first and foremost, but only in the morning
  • Herbal tea in the evening
  • Peppermint tea when I'm feeling punky
  • Hot apple cider as a drinkable dessert


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Real thankful my new truck is in. Finally!! 

Coffee and more coffee. Tea is when I'm sick. 

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I'm thankful that my daughter is thriving. She right on time or early with all of her milestones and she loves, loves, loves going to daycare. I'm thankful for daycare providers who take such good care of her and also that her center has been able to stay open. 

I don't really like many hot drinks, but I do love a nice cup of tea (Earl Grey or English Breakfast) once in a while. The Earl Grey reminds me of my grandfather and a nice, hot cup of tea reminds me of when I lived in London. 

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That's wonderful, strugglingSM! My niece's son is not at all happy going to daycare. 

Sounds like quite a nice memory. Earl Grey always makes me think of Captain Picard. "Tea. Earl Grey; hot."

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Thankful I'm away from the house and I got to ride my bike to work and it's a gorgeous day.

I thnk DH and I are getting on each others nerves finally with all this enforced together time. We planned a little get away for a night this weekend but there's a transit strke in our area because the workers, who work with the public, are protesting against the mandate they be vaccinated. So there goes our weekend away as we won't be able to get there if this stike happens. *cry* I've been trying to get us to this place for a MONTH now.

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Cover, that sounds really nice! I've been thinking about buying a bike (better hurry or I'll need one with snow tires...).

What a bummer!!! Is there anything you to can to attempt to recreate (even if it's on a very small scale) things about the place you were headed? If not, what about a romantic picnic in the living room or... I don't know. Not the same, obviously, but a little sumpin-sumpin. *give_rose*

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I'm super thankful for all the vacation time I get due to my seniority. I'm on vacation right now and it's very much needed. I had two women at work have meltdowns and threaten suicide all because we were told that after we return to work we won't have all five days a week to work from home. We can still have two and I guess these women were due for one of their suicide-threatening meltdowns. As much as my manager can be an asshole I must say that he stepped up and handled it rather than leaving it for me.

I'm thrilled to pieces that it finally rained. We've had a very hot summer and a drought so the downfall was lovely. I live in a rainy place so rain is who we are and the rain was sorely missed. lol

DD21 flew back to Province-next-door for uni and everything went smoothly for her. She's excited about attending classes in person and she loves her new roommates. I'm thankful for DD's smooth travel and move-in.

I'm tea-obsessed so my go-to hot beverages are teas or herbal teas. I'm about to go make a matcha latte. Ceremonial grade matcha is my favourite.

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Evil, good on your asshole manager!

I can relate to the rain. A few weeks ago, talking with a neighbor, she commented that she was afraid to mow her grass because she was worried her mower would spark and start a fire. *shok*

I have never tried matcha - interesting color. Does it taste like anything slightly familiar? 

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Matcha is amazing if it's a high quality. Ceremonial grade is the way to go. Food grade is nasty but some people use food grade for smoothies and baking. Matcha has that umami flavour that people get addicted to. Some people think matcha is nasty. My SD32 says it tastes like lawn mower clippings lol. I'm high maintenance when it comes to matcha so I order mine from tea farm in Japan. Amazon and local tea shops have good matcha. The antioxidants in matcha are amazing.

I'm in the same province as wild fires so the rain was very welcome.

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Lawn mower clippings - LOL! That's what plain green tea tastes like, IMO. The color is beautiful. 

Wow, it certainly is. *give_rose*

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I am thankful I have 4 months left of working.  FOUR.  I can't wait.  

I am thankful I got to see extended family for the first time since the pandemic last weekend at a lovely family wedding. 

I am thankful we are going on our final vacation of the year in a couple of weeks - Alaska cruise - woo hoo!!!

Warm-up drinks:  Coffee (mornings); herbal tea the rest of the day.  My favorites are Hibiscus, Chamomile, Peach, and Peppermint.

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Caninelover, you lucky lucky lady!

An Alaskan cruise is on my bucket list. I will have to go solo or with a friend because DH says he spent enough time on ships for a dozen people. 

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It's been on both mine and SO's bucket lists for years.  We actually were booked for last summer but postponed due to the pandemic.

Thanks, I do feel pretty lucky these days!

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My son lives in the south Texas area, near the Louisiana border. I am so thankful this hurricane passed him by, he's had a few others to deal with.

I really feel for all the folks who were affected.  Something like this takes ages to recover from, not to mention the loss of life.  May they all recover as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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JRI, I really feel for them, too. I cannot imagine dealing with that level of devastation and loss. 

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Aniki I'm going to apologize right off the bat because I'm not trying to make your blog about covid but this ticks me off. Eff off to people who stand thiseffingclosetome at the store and especially at the checkout. I'm wearing a mask. You're wearing a mask. But you're damn near touching my ass. Back the eff OFF!  *diablo*

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This bugs me without covid.

I saw a picture of a line in one of the Nordic countries (Denmark maybe?) and everyone was spaced 4 feet away from each other and it looked like a dream.

I can't wait to furnish a cozy cave somewhere and become the local hermit.

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And cave, island, mountaintop.... YES to that in a heartbeat.

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I am thankful for the good people over at Chowhound who posted a remedy for getting melted plastic out of my carbon steel pan so now I don't have to murder YSS.  There are days, you guys.

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BIG hugs, hon. Wish I could mix you a cocktail.

Now I feel the need to caress my iron Dutch oven and cuddle my Zelite cleaver. ~my preciouses~

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If it was my old cast iron pan, you would have seen the mushroom cloud from where you live, lol.

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Yes!  Thrift store/antique market gold right there.  I wasn't lucky enough to get some passed down so I had to fend for myself.

They really don't make some things like they used to.

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I am thankful for craft beer haha. Stocked up on probably the best beer in the country yesterday. Anyone in the New England area should know what I'm talking about haha. 

The only hot drink I have is my coffee in the am and a latte here and there. 

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Ooo not Heady Topper. That was always a rare find around here. Tree House Brewing is what I'm talking about. It is worth every penny you spend. You can only get it there though.. It's hands down the best. 

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I am thankful that my SIL is finally out of hospital though she's not out of the woods yet. She's still on oxygen. 

We have also realized that we can't live without a cat... So we're adopting one from the local cat rescue association. He's with his foster parents right now and we should have him next week. He's black, just a kitten, and his name is Scotty. 

I'm not really a hot drinks person. I mostly drink water. However, I do love my espressos. I also occasionally indulge in a herbal "tea" with ginger and mango. 

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Prayers for your SIL's continued recovery, Winterglow.

Furbabies are the best. Congratulations on your new addition to the family!


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It's finally Friday.  I'm also thankful that my DH went on a 3 day visit to MIL without me.  She's not the wicked witch but I can only do very small doses.  (To be honest, I can only do very small doses of most people)

I don't do hot drinks.  Never have.  About once every 2 or 3 years I might have a hot chocolate when skiing and I have had a fresh mint tea once after a very posh lunch.  Not drinking tea made me the odd one out in my native country.  As soon as you walk into someones house you are offered a cup of tea.  It is tradition to turn down the offer the first two or three times you are asked out of politeness before eventually accepting.  It was very difficult to get people to understand that I genuinely didn't want a tea.  (Google "Mrs Doyle a nice cup of tea" if you want to see the tradition in action)

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TGIF, TASM! "Very small dose" people take it out of you. 

Oooooh, Father Ted! DH and I were just talking about buying the series. We love British comedy. Are You Being Served is one of our favorites.

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But it is VERY different to Are You Being Served.  The whole set up is surreal but it launched the careers of many Irish comics.  Let me know if you get the box set and if you enjoy it.

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We've seen quite a few previews and it looks like a hoot. Trying to find one that plays in the US, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg!