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OT - Thankful Thursday

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It's Friday Eve! Who else is off work tomorrow? I get to sleep an extra hour before I meet my sister for breakfast. This Finn is craving kahvi and pannukakku with raspberry sauce. *yahoo*

I am thankful for:

  • My Dad. He continues to text/call every day to check on his "baby".
  • My DH. While I'm not yet fully recovered from covid (but doing well), he still fusses over me to make sure I get rest.
  • Being able to spend Christmas with family this year.
  • Having a solid home, a working vehicle, and a good job. Not everyone has them. 
  • My family and friends and my STalk family and friends. Thank you for making my life better. xo


Wishing you and yours Joy, Happiness, and Peace this holiday season. 

Hauskaa Joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!


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Half Day bay bay!!!!

This California Girl is thankful for the bucketloads of rain pouring from the sky right now (because, mushrooms, thats why :D)

Thankfull that we are still healthy and alive and have (friends and family)

Getting excited about going to the gym tonight, and creating a workout program that will get me able to hike challenging hills without too much pain and suffering.

And if there is some pain and suffering Im grateful for the "special" creams that husband introduced that takes away those pains Biggrin

Grateful for my home and job.

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Half day today, off tomorrow. Work Monday and DH and I have off until Jan 3rd!  Looking forward to celebrating the New Year with the same couple we have had over for the last 10 years.

Thankful for my mom still being with us.
DH for being my rock thru everything
Christmas ham!  Nom Nom
Everyone out by 4 Christmas day so DH and I can have some much needed alone time.

Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!

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I'm grateful for being able to work remote, having a flexible supervisor AND being a flexible supervisor/mentor to several others who I told that today feel free to log off around noon if you've got nothing going on.  That goes for me too, although I'm aiming more for 1:00.

It's going to get super freezing here in the next day or two. - thankful for our woodstove to  help the furnace (replacing it next year) heat the house. And yes, SNOW!  At least a little bit.

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Bad Aniki did not get dressed for work today. I'm wearing fleece pants, thick socks, long-sleeved tee, and a sweat jacket. 

Bring on the snow!

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Always love your blogs and always wait for the next installment.

Enjoy your family.

I am alone this christmas because my sister is not vaccinated and she is always in big crowds. So lonely a little BUT gawd damn thankful I aint lonely with ex DH and snotty ex SD. So could be worse right?

Thankful I beat covid, got divorced, and got a good raise at work. My goal this year was to prove myself to my boss, and I did  :)  so lots to be happy about.


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It's been a crazy week and I need to post about the rehearsal and wedding!

The loneliest I have ever been was lying in bed next to my psycho ex and feeling alone in the world. I vowed to never stay in a relationship if that happened again. 

Yes, Stepdrama, you have lots to be happy about! *kiss2*

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Please post about the wedding once things arent so busy.  Smile

So happy that you are free from psycho and found a loving DH   *give_rose*

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I'm just enjoying the fire going here.  It's going to warm up this weekend unfortunately so it will not feel like Christmas.  I hate living in the south.  I'll be cooking Christmas dinner tomorrow with some help from my daughter and my husband will be cooking the turkey.  I also plan to get the guinea pigs under the tree and take their picture.  Then I'll use some Snapchat filters to add some Santa hats to their cute little heads and Snapchat/Photoshop the two piggies we lost.  I'm not sure how we'll get our newest piggie under the tree though because she will run the first chance she gets.  We've had her less than a week so she isn't used to us yet.  Might have to Photoshop her too.  I already got the parakeets in the tree earlier this month.  I have weird traditions with the pets I know.  

I won't get to see any of my family as my mom is scared of Covid and my aunt cancelled her annual get together due to health issues.  It's been a weird two years.  I'll have to cook Christmas breakfast Saturday since my mom won't let anyone in the house anymore. She normally has all her kids and grandkids over for breakfast and she cooks the best breakfast.  I don't do it justice.   

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Sounds like you have a very nice plan for some delicious meals with your family! Hopefully you mom and aunt can enjoy too as they take health precautions. Hugs

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Thankful for this group for saving my life when I needed the heave-ho to get away from exNarcDuh and his Ho (DaughterWife). 

Thankful for PEACE during the holidays now. 

Thankful for being able to end my office space lease a couple months ago and settle into working from home.

Thankful for my 26 yr old son flying down here 3 weeks ago to care for me with my partial knee replacement surgery. Thankful for my first spinal tap before surgery which allowed me to eat greasy Whataburger (my son's favorite!) on the 2 hour drive home from the hospital. I had him stop to get delicious cupcakes too. I was still a bit high on pain meds (thankful for this!) and he still laughs at how I was being silly about being a cupcakeaholic and how they have healing powers, haha! Thankful for the laughs we shared and the delicious meals he prepared for us! 

Thankful for surviving near-fatal car wreck 8 days ago when a speeding driver ran into my BMW SUV and sent me airborne, hitting a big thing and flipping a few times before landing upside down in a drainage ditch. Thankful for the young man who had NO FEAR and squeezed through my partially opened window to get me out to safety. 

Thankful for 74F weather in the coming days, no snow, but sunshine to soak up outside. 

Thankful for my massage guy, he worked me in today for 90 minutes. 

Thankful to have some time off now to plan a trip to Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, or another beautiful place out west for a yoga retreat in the spring. 

Wishing all fellow STalker's peace, mental, spiritual and physical health, loads of joy and tons of happiness for the holidays and for 2022! 


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You've certainly had a time of it, haven't you?!  Thank goodness for that young man who saved you! 

Hopefully, 2022 will be a better year for you all around. 

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Thank you Aniki...I'm thankful to have a stable and peaceful environment now so I can heal physically. The emotional healing since I left has helped so very much! My surgeries this year have been successful. During that 5 yrs, exDuhNarc would drive to town to 'help' me after my other three knee surgeries, throw a tantrum/pick an argument with me, leave within 24 hours, making time to take DaughterWife out to a nice dinner on his drive home, after leaving a mess at my place, leaving me with two dogs to walk while I was on crutches. Brilliant. 

I bought and fully paid for my BMW while exDuhNarc and I were engaged. It's the last thing from that 5 years that remained. So with my car being destroyed and me walking away from it are almost symbolic...of my resilience and strength. I was shopping for another car and didn't want a car that exDuhNarc and DaughterWife sat their asses in, yuck! 

Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, it's so very important, especially when dealing with BM's, ex-IL's and SK's and the holidays too. Stay wonderful and thank you!

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I'm grateful for my amazing BK that helped me get the house ready for Christmas. I am grateful that DH and I are going to go on some really fun mini vacations this year, just the two of us. I am grateful that we are healthy, happy, safe, and we are so fortunate to have everything we need and even some of what we want. I am grateful that SD's are so independent that they aren't here 95% of the time. Wink