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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! Sorry this is so late, but it's been a cuh-razy day. I am thankful for:

  • My DH who takes time out of his hectic schedule to do little things (acts of service), like make me a cup of tea.
  • The lovely Fall weather we're having: 60, sunny, and breezy (paint on the well cover will dry faster!)
  • You. Yes, you. You make me smile, laugh, contemplate new ways to look at things, allow me to listen to you, listen to me in return. Thank you for being you. *give_rose*


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To Aniki!  For her wise contributions and for stepping up as moderator.  Thank you!

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I'm thankful this was a short week, this month is busy and I feel like it's flying by when I want to savor it.  I'm not big on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I enjoy them, but they aren't my jam.  Halloween is my jam and this year it feels like it's already come and gone and it's not even here yet.  

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I luuuuuuuuv Halloween, advice.only! No party (again) this  year.  Maybe 2022. I made a Zom Queen dress that I really want to wear!

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I'm thankful that DH is great. 

I'm not thankful that I had to do a stupid interview for the job I already do. 


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It's having to jump through stupid HR hoops but it did open up the role to a cast of thousands (slight exageration).  If one of the others did a better interview, I'll be having a VERY long holiday.  We get good severance packages over here.  I'll know by the time you put up Eff off Friday.

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Oh yes right there with you Aniki! The fall weather is just beautiful! I'm thankful we are finally settled in our new home. Hoping we can get some animals next year!

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Yay! What kind of animals, WwCorgi7? My DH wants to get chickens one of these days. 

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That would be nice especially the fresh eggs! I'm looking into alpacas but Dh wants to get into horse boarding.

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This weekend, I'm all on my own with my new kitten. WOOHOO! I've been longing for some alone time since the beginning of the covid crisis. I was getting desperate!