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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! Who else has aa 3-day weekend?

Eff off to:

  • DH's work. He does NOT have a 3-day weekend. Big ol' poopie heads.
  • King Pita. You knew it was coming! I cannot tell you how many times I have replied to emails forwarded by KP, telling him I'm on the list and already receive these! Stop wasting my time and yours, buttmunch.
  • Whiners whining about the weather. It's the Yoop! Cool/cold temps in Summer are nothing unusual. Yes, it was in the 60s yesterday. It will be 90s this weekend. Adapt!

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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to people with no common sense.  I have a staff member resign because they got a better offer.  OK, it happens, good luck and all.  But don't tell me at the last minute that you're not available to show up at the office on the last day to turn in your laptop because you decided to head out of town.  Nuh uh.  You show up for the first day and the last day.  That should be common sense but apparently....

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I think he is just plain stupid.  Good luck to his next boss Smile

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Eff off to weekend shifts for my DH.. He is working all weekend through tuesday.. his rotating schedule does not match well with mine for the next month or so.


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Eff off the truly awful HR software we've been working with for over a year now and STILL I'm having to track every change made to make sure it's going through ok:  almost no auto-notifications on changes, HR is not notifying us on important things (oh, like when they've made a hire so I can budget for the new person and add them to my roster), HR not calculating payroll changes correctly or having US to some kind of crazy calculation based on "not real" numbers so we're doing part of payroll's job, emails and departments not matching up, new people added to the system but the system not "sharing" that info with other systems so approvals for access is often delayed and I have to walk it through....ugh.

I'm off work at just after 1:00 pm today, go for a mammogram, then I'll have a lovely 1.5 hours to kill while sitting with a glass of vino on an outdoor patio somewhere whilst waiting for my transit connection at 4:30. I will have a book for company.

Yes "3 day weekend" that includes lawn work and some bbq on the 4th (DH does NOT bbq - I think he's scared of it).

At least it's not 108.

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Cover, that is some craptastic-sounding software! WTH?! Sounds like you'd be better off getting a better software because time is money and you're obviously spending time/money doing all of the extra work.

I plan to uncork a bottle of Orin Swift's The Prisoner tonight. *drinks*

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I yell at the radio whenever I hear an advertisement for this software.  BTW: the head of HR was fired / early retirement shortly after it was released....HR still hasn't recovered.

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Aww, that sucks.  DH has Monday off.  He was ranting/raving because he forgot his Yeti thermos.  I don't purchase fancy things like that, it was a gift from my previous company - has my company logo on it too.  He uses it with his diluted cranberry/water/ice combo for work every day.

I told him several times to calm down, I'm sure it'll still be there.  He loves the damn thing lol.  

Nothing for me, still no job.  My youngest son has a job interview tomorrow at a fast food place where a friend of his works.  

My house is a wreck again- still trying to find motivation but between severe depression and symptoms that are pointing to my horrible anemia being back, not getting much headway.  


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Aw, bananaseedo... {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

I can totally relate to trying to find motivation. Add the stress leading up to the wedding... I am ashamed of the state of my house. I'm having bloodwork next week. Probably a D deficiency again. 

Hope your DH finds that thermos! 

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I'm blaming the current state of my house on my cataracts.  I can't see well enough to clean.  *blush*

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Oh, oh, oh, I have a HANGNAIL and it's too painful for me to wield a dust rag or vacuum! *drinks*

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Eff off to;

1. This stupid cold that wont go away. Im going hiking anyway, but it will be less pleasurable for me.

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I had a sore throat Monday morning and called in sick. Just progressed through the cycle using up my sick time, so now Im stuffy but otherwise fine. Going to rest up tonight and do an early morning challenge, then music after that. Biggrin

It try to burn my candles hard and fast when I can.

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I am convinced that since the advent of central air and central heating where one never really experiences the weather for long periods of time anymore has gotten everyone spoiled. 

Former agrarian cultures just took it in stride.  Drastic fluctuations in heat and cold are nothing new over the centuries.  Most of the Renaissance period was so productive because of higher than normal temperatures...they were growing figs in Ireland for several decades.  It just feels "extreme" because we are all used to having air conditioning and heating in our cars, homes, work, garages, you name it.

We westerners are a bunch of softies.

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So true! A few weeks ago, DH and I were working outside and it was in the low 80s. We decided to go swimming (no a/c). Head for the beach and it's 55 degrees! Lol

In cold weather, we wear more clothes. In hot weather, we hit the water or strip down and use wet washcloths and fans. 

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Eff off to:

  • another week of having to fix another person's project, lets call them Mr Bottleneck.  Got it done to time and successfully but Beezus H Chr*st I don't need the extra stress
  • Mr Bottleneck insisting on attending every project call even though 1) he said he was too busy to run the project 2) he contributed nothing of value 3) he kept interjecting with useless thoughts 4) he could have actually been doing the other work I need him to do to clear another project.  (Maybe we could lock Mr BN and King Pita in a room together to annoy each other to distraction)
  • working on two completely different platforms with two laptops that don't really synch properly so I have to email data from one organisation to the other...
  • leading to a disfuctional desk set up and pain in my shoulder (only get this when I'm stressed)
  • the one day I had out in the world making my sensitive skin worse.  Haven't had a huge flare up but the skin around my eye is sore

I don't have a 3 day weekend but I hope that those of you who do enjoy it.

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I'll have to share more tales of Mr Bottleneck.  

Everytime we get a new CFO, Mr Bottleneck makes a great first impression, then the shine comes off over timeb (sometimes quickly, sometimes it take a little longer) and then just about when they are about to exit Mr Bottleneck they leave.  Mr Bottleneck has been on borrowed time for years but I think this time the hammer is finally going to come down shortly.