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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Who else is ready for the weekend? 

Eff off to:

  • You know it's coming... King Pita. He's been fairly quiet this week because he's (thankfully) busy with projects that don't involve me. Woo hoo! Until yesterday when he expected me to take care of something that Shorty always handles. Shorty is on vacation yesterday and today. What KP wants requires software that only Shorty has (and I have no knowledge of how to use it). I responded explaining that Shorty is on vacay and I do not have the required software. So KP replies and copies our boss, Miss Mouse, demanding that software for me and KP. Crickets thus far from Miss Mouse. Evil Aniki secretly hopes Miss Mouse replied only to KP to put the kibosh on that biz.


  • We need to hire a surveyor. Looked at our property online and it shows our 'rectangle' has a narrow piece that extends behind the next-door neighbor's property (didn't realize until we read the specs) AND extends farther back than we knew (we've a neighbor behind). And it looks like the neighbor behind us has planted shrubs on our property. That neighbor has been getting under my skin. Most recently, I planted some hostas behind our shed and stuck some markers in the ground so SS17 would know to not mow them down. Some wild irises are growing in the corner - definitely our yard. The neighbor stuck sticks in the ground around those irises. Whaaat? This is MY yard. Maybe I don't care if the irises are cut down. You take care of your yard and stsy out of mine. Evil Aniki (who in on a tear today) is seriously contemplating ripping out those wildlings...


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!

P.S. Who is thinking "Bring us a shrubbery!"? Wink


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It is Friday & I was paid early (should've been Monday). I have decided to have a drama & stress-free weekend as I have the house to myself due to drama. Even when DW (might not be much longer) returns tomorrow from vacation with her bio kids, I may still be on my date with myself. I am going to chill today & be gone all day tomorrow since I do not know when they're returning. Heck, I'm thinking of going somewhere by myself next weekend for Labor Day.

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Take care of yourself! Your health - physical and mental - is important. 

Go on your Me, Myself, and I date. Be good to each other!

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Ha! I certainly would be gone when she returns and I take my own vacay next weekend too. Great idea!

I used to leave the house when exH would pick a fight with me and then use that fight as an excuse to leave. He was so shocked the first two times I wasn't home whenever he decided to return, that he stopped leaving. People like that simply cannot take a dose of their own medicine... go for it!

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Unless it's someone like my psycho exh who "punishes" you mentally/physically. UM needs to get single. 

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Well yes, I've put the ending to my story on this site so many times... exH knocked me unconscious on a glass coffee table in front of DD(then 7) because she and I went surfing (a hobby he knew I had all along). So sending his own medicine back his way definitely didn't end well for me, but I don't regret it at all. The only lesson my exH taught me was to carry a shiv in case a man ever attacks me again. I certainly will never cower and fear any human.

I'm not saying his wife will act reasonably in return.

I just think she needs a dose of her own medicine.

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Mine taught me to learn self-defense and fight for my life.

She needs to be single since she doesn't know how to be a partner.

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Eff off to our tiny little town keeping us locked down when we haven't had any new cases in over a month!
Eff off to the heat and humidity and smoke which are creating a nasty trifecta of sh*t in the air that makes breathing right now a chore.
Eff off to bosses who can't get their sh*t straight so I am essentially doing their job and pretty much getting the short end of the stick.

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Woman, I hear you on the lock down. SO over it. And the people who eye you suspiciously from 20 feet away. Two words for them: KEEP BACK!!!

halo1998's picture not really Friday to me.  Talk to me on Monday when oncall switches to my teammate.

Eff off to the two all day Zoom meetings I had this week. very PAINFULL.

Eff of middle of the night support text messages over nothing.  Loss of network connection = 30 text messages to Halo's phone.  Support ring tone is "Houston We have a problem" in Tom Hanks voice.  Yep I'm geeky.  I got that message over and over at 2 a.m. the other day.  Stop futzing with the network...

Eff off Mr. Halo...after Halo being in defcom 5 meltdown for the last few days (halo has had no sleep)...he FINALLY SNORTED and woke up to the fact Halo was ready to self combust and take him with her.  He gets an Eff off..cause he could have stepped up earlier and avoided defcom 5 and the inevitable combustion.

Hats off to my two kids...after Mr. Halo ate all of Halo's pretzels...the one snack I eat, they went to the grocery store and bought a huge container of pretzels for Halo.  Even Halo's kids sensed the rise in defcom and knew immediate evasive action was needed.


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I wish Zoom would crash for a solid week.

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Eff off to chronic disease, the medication to treat the disease, and the side effects it causes. And then more drugs to treat the side effects.


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Fires are burning all around me - to the north to the south and to the east. So eff off to choking my way to work and back every weekday.

Eff off to lazy skids.
Eff off to no where to go this weekend, and all weekend to get there.

BUT most of all, eff off to people who steal from firefighters...

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Aw, CLove. Big hugs, lady!!!

What about a virtual vacation? Some museums have online tours. Make a blanket fort, get some special trips, and make your own escape. *kiss2*

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I hope miss mouse is creating a paper trail on KP. Ugh. However if you named her miss mouse because she is like MY boss in that she tiptoes around personnel issues such as KP, then I empathize.


Eff off to my DH's increasing moodiness. Of course he denies any and all moodiness. But stupid Corona Virus has kept him from even landing an interview for a new job so he is still stuck in his underpaying, emotionally abusive job.

I do feel sorry for him, but I only have so much patience for other people's depression... and since I have been the rock for DH and DD all through quarantine (6 months now??) my patience is wearing verrrrry thin. I want my good 'ole DH back - not this delicate mess that takes everything personally, reacts with hostility to any perceived criticisms, and has become somewhat thoughtless around the house.

He snaps back into a forced version of his good 'ole nice, thoughtful, fun self whenever I reach my limit and lash out at him, but this is really getting old....

Please pray or send good vibes our way for him to get the right job SOON. Ugh.

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I'll bet you a 10 pound beef tenderloin she is NOT. First and foremost, she's retiring - whisper is that it will happen in January. Knowing MM, she wants to coast outta here with as few ripples as possible.

Prayers coming your way, hon!! *kiss2*

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Eff off to another power outage yesterday due to a tornado which leads to another brisk cold morning shower. 

Luckly no damage and everyone is fine. Hopefully power is restored some time today. 

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I am willinginly working about 1/2 day. Took a bike ride into my actual office, working my rear off to get things done before noon, then I'm off for a longer bike ride with a stop on the way home for a small delicious lunch snack, then home, a little more work and then drinks on the patio with DH.

EXCELLENT weather is helping this. 

Eff off Friday, I don't need 'ya.

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Cover, I wish I'd had your workday! I just finished up after 11+ hours due to a buttload of sheer idiocy after lunch. If you guessed that KP was involved, you win the teddy bear!

Where's my wine glass...

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Well, I logged off later than I would have liked, and am back on for another hour.  Oh well, that's my job.

I did get the bike ride it, but the lunch place where I wanted that delicious snack had a line out the door, so I just swallowed more water and went home, where I am currently wrapping things up.

I told DH we are DONE at 4:30 today and we will be heading to the local watering hole for a drink before dinner. 

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I uncorked a scrumptious cabernet: Kith & Kin 2017. Made some bolognese sauce over zoodles. Nom nom nom...

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I HATE that this has caused a divide and made masker and anti-maskers. I have an outdoor family funeral this weekend for a man who was like an extra grandpa to me but a large part of the fam is apparently going to go maskless in a show of solidarity with each other. 
Since I am in an adjacent field to the medical profession I see more things than they do and am closer to medical science process and info and am one of the mask wearers. I'd love to hug everyone and chat! But it ain't gonna happen. 

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Hon, I am right there with you. I'm now seeing ads for creams to use for your Mask Rash. WTH.

I'm beginning to want my own island...

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Ok So I mentioned on someone other's blog about using suicide as manipulation what I've been going through at work.  

I work in the utility industry. There is a lineman, a 55 year old man, who has been a friend for 10 years.  He left his wife for a coworker.  Said coworker was also married.  This was two years ago.  They didn't make it very long because they got in a bad fight cause she was mad she was supporting them while all of his money went to wife he left and son. They both went back to their spouses.  her husband died in a car wreck in November and he texted her the same day asking to get back together and she said, "Quit texting me, stalker."  So for nine months now he's been texting me about how much he loves her and how much he wants her back and what a terrible mistake he made and he can't live without her.  It's been horrible.  He will say he's going to throw himself on her car in traffic and kill himself.  He's going to shoot himself in front of her if she won't take him back.  He texted me a picture of a gun and said if anyone came to baker act him and if I reported him, someone was going to die.  He's very ambiguous as to if it would be the cop or him.  I told my boss back in November but they said they would tell him I reported him and I would have to give up the texts and that they couldn't protect me.  

So last week on my last day of work he texted me that he was going to take off his rubber gloves at work and get electrocuted and he mentioned his apprentice.  it was once again ambiguous as to if he would take out the apprentice too.  So I turned him in.  I gave them forty pages of horrible texts over nine months.  They told him I reported him.  He sent me a bunch of hateful texts.  they sent him to counseling last Friday and Monday and that was it.  I stayed in a hotel with my kids cause I didn't feel safe.  

Last night I returned to work and do you know what?  It was me and him.  Those mother cluckers put us together on shift.  me on the radio and him in the field cause all the other llinemen went to Lousiana for mutual aid.  I'm so angry I could spit.


And to top it off, I have this email waiting for me and all of my coworkers where we have to read our company's policy on workplace violence and sign off that we read it and it's our duty to report threats of work place violence.  Again what a slap in the face to me.  They did nothing to him.  They did nothing to protect me. Or that girl he used to date           

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NWCH, that is insane and terrifying!!! Prayers for your safety.  {{{HUGS}}}  *give_rose*

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My formerSO, when I left him, tried manipulating me into coming back with those same "vague", but completely obvious, threats of suicide. Texted me a picure of his hand holding a firearm. Same shit.