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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at LAST!!! This has been a craptastic week. Don't know about you, but I'm ready for the weekend. I plan to do some wining!! Biggrin

Eff off to:

* Micro-managing twunts
* People who are too busy yakking or texting or playing with their bloody cell phones to DRIVE
* Supercilious twatwaffles who think that their narrow-minded, insensitive, UNHELPFUL opinion matters. Nothing like insisting on having a voice when you have NO FACKING EXPERIENCE IN THE MATTER.


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I wanna join in!!!

Eff off to:

* Having work, when the rest of this forking town are all on their third snow day!
* How fracking cold this weather is, and the fact I think the heater broke in the area my office is in.
* The stress brought by friking court prep
* Car registration and new policies I have to hit to do that
* My bank that's being slow as fuching s*** with getting me the info I need to finish my name change (took over a year, OOPS)
* Sprained backs and not being able to go to the gym to kill of all this frustration!
* The flu. Because we have a deadly strain going around down here... And everywhere is running out of flu meds!
* All the other things I want to complain about but am WAY too lazy to actually type out.

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Over a YEAR for a name change??? Gadzooks!!!

My DH had the flu (so much for that shot) and was SO sick!! Took almost 3 weeks for him to fully recover.

Hope your back is feeling better soon. Smile

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I have it changed on everything except the car title. And my bank is being ridiculous about sending the state ANY information for that! It's dirving me insane! I'm going to have to pay late fees for it all even! Ugh!

SD4 had it this last week, her flu shot meant she got it pretty minor, but it was still a beast!

It's getting there Aniki!!! I can move forwards and sideways! just not backwards yet! And I still can't life heavy things, the extra weight is owie!

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The flu shot is a joke so of course it's not going to work. All you've done by getting it is increase your risk of cancer, Guillane-Barre, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other chronic conditions caused by the excipients used in the vaccine. I'm amazed that with the information that's out there, people are still lining up like cattle for this garbage. It was even reported that this year's shot was a stellar 10% effective. You should look up a cardiologist named Dr. Jack Wolfson and a nephrologist named Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

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Yep, another year of an ineffective flu shot. Why am I NOT surprised??

I've heard from a number of people that the reason they DO get the flu shot is because their health insurance gives them a discount if they do certain things. For example, an annual wellness exam (done by June 30) will knock $500 off your annual fee, so your monthly fee for July-Dec is $83 less a month. Otherwise, you pay the same price. Getting the flu shot saves you another $100.

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EFF off to:
- the boss' wife who is an employee and receives full-time salary and has only worked 3 days this year
- the boss who constantly bitches about said wife but never does anything about it
- the upcoming SD week, starting tonight
- being older (48), thinking I'm pregnant, and both the relief and sadness of a negative pregnancy test.
(I already have DS22, DD17, SS21, SD17)

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Definitely an Eff Off to people who hire relatives who are a) unqualified for the job or b) do a half-arsed job!

I'm happy/sad for you about the test result. {{hugs}}

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Eff off to biowhore and sh!tclan.

Eff off to stress.

Eff off to feeling tired.

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Stress sucks! And that might be what's causing you to feel tired. Are you getting enough Vitamin D and some sunshine every day? Hopefully, you can sleep in this weekend. Smile

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Might see about iron levels? I went through a bit I was SUPER exhausted and cold a lot... Started taking iron supplements and it really helped!

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I have iron-rich blood. No liver for me!! LOL

Seriously though, when I found out I had iron-rich blood (almost 30 years ago), it was a BEEYOTCH to find multi-vitamins that did NOT contain iron.

Thyroid can also be a problem. Sweetie, get some bloodwork done!!

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Maybe later. Doctor visits even with insurance is $$$$. I’m more concerned with getting my kids their checkups right now. Yeah, I know I need to look after myself, too. Sad

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But I also totally understand! I made sure he!! or highwater the skids got the shots they needed... neglected to get myself the Flu shot... Because al the costs add up and I see them as high risk...

In the meantime you could try some kind of detox for a few days and see if that helps? Just as a temporary fix until you can get yourself into the doctor? I get it's pricy to go in!

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I hear you. I worry/care more about my DH's health with his heart condition than I do about my own.

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Hmm I’m rarely cold. I prefer sleeping in a cool room, too. Maybe it’s perimenopause/PMS/stress/worry sapping my energy.

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Maybe, stress can do some crazy things! I think mine only acted up because I went from an iron rich super health food diet to whatever this southern diet thingy is.

Stress can be a major energy zapper though! Just make sure you look after yourself some too!!! (I know, easier said than done, responsibility likes to crush that...)

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Eff off to people who think they know everything then cop an attitude when they find out their ignorance is going to cause them a lot of problems and somehow it's now my fault they were arrogant and ignorant!

Eff off to people who are sick yet refuse to medicate and make comments about how they aren't sick they are fine and why do people keep telling them they should go home! As they cough so violently and hard that they almost vomit and then have to rush to the bathroom!

Eff off to people who have no concept of what Karma means! This was their Karma analogy "a woman who dresses skimpy and walks down the street late at night and gets raped...that's Karma!"

Eff off to the heat being on full blast when the high is 70 outside and its 76 in the office!

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Eff off to people who have no concept of what Karma means! This was their Karma analogy "a woman who dresses skimpy and walks down the street late at night and gets raped...that's Karma!"

No, that's criminal.

I always ask why the beach isn't a hotbed of rape if all it takes is dressing in a non-Amish way.

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Advice, those Karma morons need a real dose of Karma!!

70 outside?? That's definitely swimming weather!

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This will be fun:

**Eff off to BM, her entitlement, and her concept of what constitutes a "fair" split of kid expenses.
**Eff off to Hmmmmm.

I guess I have it pretty good right now. Excited to get a weekend to myself w/DH and YSD going out-of-town. Even if I end up paying for a few meals or whatever while they're's worth it.

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I think eff offs to BMs or skids is darn near standard...

PigPen will be here this weekend. Sigh... At least he has to go home early on Sunday. Woo hoo!!!!

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Eff off to coworkers who had a sore throat and felt "tired" for about a day, and say they had "The Flu".

Eff off to coworkers who ask me how to do something, and then freaking argue about what I just said.

Eff off to not being on a beach with my husband right now.

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The Flu. Too many people have NO freaking idea what The Flu really is and attribute every malady under the sun to The Flu. No, you do NOT have The Flu. You ate too many hot peppers last night and you have The Sh!ts. Sigh....

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3 coworkers with 13 kids between them. If I hear one of them has The Flu one more freaking time, I'm calling the CDC because SURELY we have a cluster that requires a quarantine!! Lol!

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EFF OFF to co-workers who come in sick so they can use their sick days to have fun

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Yay!!! My favorite!

EFF OFF to university who sent us paid in full tuition receipt then called Wednesday to say they forgot to add meal plan. You owe us $1,200

EFF OFF to SS15 who feels the need to use my expensive salt scrub, leave the lid off so it gets filled with water and ruins it and then lies and says it wasn't him. :jawdrop: No SS15, your right, you just got out off shower and my entire house smells like frankincense and patchouli - NOPE NOT YOU!

EFF OFF to those that call Karma without checking first to see if their own hands are dirty!

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Eff off to:

Cold weather.
Aunt Flo.
Addictions....the serious kind.

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A gigantic big mutha eff off to this friggin heatwave! Sweltering hot..and flies bloody eveerywhere. Only thing that helps are lovely icy cold beers!

I jet blasted our back verandah while skulling back a few beers and now I wanna keep on having more. Too hot to cook so we're having cold chicken with salad..and more beers.

Eff off to all the damn flies that just STICK to you no matter how much repellant you put on.

Lastly..eff off to my ex, who I divorced 14 years ago..and has contacted me cuz our 24 yr old got engaged..and is doing his hardest to convince me that it would be super fantastic to sleep with him again. The lunatic is married with 4 kids for fex sake..and even if he wasnt I aint jumping back in again. That man hurt me from cheating and it took me too damn long to get over him.

Ok..I just popped another beer..cheers everyone!

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A gigantic eff off to having to move because the landlord has decided to sell the house.

Eff off to renting.

Eff off to not being able to buy.

Just eff off really lol