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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers!

Haven't done one if these for awhile... It's foggy, rainy, and cool (44°) in my neck of the woods. A perfect day to do indoor chores and have soup or breakfast for dinner.

I am thankful for:

  • Filling up my gas tank before the price jumped 12 cents. Yeah, next week it will probably cost me another $1 a gallon, but I was able to hit THE last gas station that had not yet increased price. Phew!
  • Ben-Gay and muscle relaxers. I pulled a muscle in my back moving two big arse rocks by myself. Got them where I wanted, but am paying the price.
  • my DH. After asking why I didn't ask for help and shaking his head, rubbed that wintergreeny Ben-Gay. Then made me stretch out on the couch, got an afghan and covered me, then got my meds.
  • Dad sent his (and SM's) travel schedule and they'll be home in a couple of weeks. Woo hoo!!! 
  • You. Yes, YOU! I missed posting Eff Off/F0rn Friday last week due to work chaos and was quite surprised by the number of folks who checked on me. <3


Hope your coffee/tea is hot and tasty and your troubles are few. 



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As I was deleting my old blogger content and account that was set up to talk about my step life..

I'm extremely thankful for Steptalk's existence, this has been the truly only place where I feel completely okay to say what I think. We don't always agree with everyone all the time, but that is okay because this is part of life! 

I am also very thankful for the time other members took to respond to my posts, the advice I've gotten, the stories you've shared. 

I can't be grateful enough!

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I have maintained for years that STalk saved my marriage. In the beginning, I was taken aback by some of the responses, but did my best to look at everything as a solution not yet considered. One person claimed my SS19 would grow up to be a psycho who hurt animals and people. Soooo thankful that person was wrong! SS19 turned into a kind, helpful, hardworking young man who is a joy to be around. 

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Sometimes the battle weary old timers advice can come across as harsh but most of it comes from a place of concern and years of experience and scars.

I think the thing that lots of people find hard to hear is that their number 1 problem is their DH.  I know I had to take this away for a bit and think about it.  DH is great in lots of ways and did sort thing in the end but I needed to get some advice to give him the push to fix the issues.

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Spot on, TASM. The truth is not always nice to hear, but being honest can get to the heart of the matter faster than circling around it.

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I am thankful the weather cooled down today. We were about to die of heat stroke. It was in the 90's yesterday.

I am thankful DH went to visit SK's by himself and I don't have to go witness their drama and annoying and irritating behavior. As usual they extended an invitation only to him rather than inviting us as a pair. I didn't want to see them anyway and this gave me the perfect out. You go have one-on-one time with your grown adult diablas! I wouldn't want to interfere.

I am thankful DH and I drew up an estate plan/trust that we are both really happy with. Twill be quite the shock for the step-diablas one day. (Not that they have anything to complain about but when has that ever stopped them before? Lol)

I am thankful that some difficult chapters are ending or have ended in my life and I am looking forward to the future with my DH.




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90s, ugh!

While your DH endures the step-diablas, you do something enjoyable, Elea. Like scrubbing the bathtub... *ROFL*

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  • Aniki, for resurrecting thankful Thursday
  • DH, for pulling a batch of home made roast veg soup out of the freezer for our lunch today.  Yum and a great use of leftovers after a roast dinner.
  • Being able to work from home today and tomorrow
  • Finally having the leak for the apartment upstairs fixed today after nearly a year of complaining.  Looking on the bright side between building insurance and the upstairs owners insurance, I'll be able to have a redesigned bathroom and bedroom redecorated.  
  • Getting some prosecco delivered earlier this week

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Mmmmm... leftover soup always tastes delicious!

We had pasty for lunch (fresh and hot from a local baker) and plan to have scrambled eggs and biscuits for a late dinner. I took off tomorrow.  Biggrin

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OMG, hot pasties fresh from a baker... I am trying not to think about it. I shall weep later, when I'm alone. 


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I am thankful (that's not really the right word - let me think about it) that my daughter will be home on Sunday after studying for a year in the US, between NYC and Miami. We have all missed her (especially her twin sister).  I'm hoping there will be friends around (not sure because they are all over the country) to help ease her back into life in the touristy backwoods (I have vivid memories of feeling as if I lived in a parallel world when I first came back after my stints abroad). Oh, and the added bonus is that Sunday is Mothers' Day here!

I have missed her. Thank goodness for Whatsapp!

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How exciting for you.  

At least you are heading into the main tourist season.

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Thank you! 

Tourist season here starts in Fabruary and ends at the end of December ... sometimes longer. It has to do with the mild weather and the excellent local produce (but the tourists say it's for the "cultural value" which probably includes the excellent but cheap local wines - spot the cynic, LOL).


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For hundreds of miles of distance between myself and SK drama.

Thankful to be going on a wonderful vacation in a month, and marrying the love of my life.

Thankful to my furbabies who give me love every single day without fail.

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I missed having Thankful Thursday, it makes you realize that life isn't always rapped up in Step Hell.

  • Thankful that DS44 surgery, three weeks ago, went fantastic, he now has full motor skills of both his arms and hands. Muscles are still weak, but PT is helping. Remember the squishy stress balls that you squeezed? That is part of his PT to help the movement of his hands.
  • Thankful that GS20 & GS19 are great kids, that help DS44 with home PT and driving to office PT. 
  • Thankful that DAH hired someone to clear all the property of undergrowth, so DAH doesn't get a Poison Oak rash this year.
  • Thankful that DAH went on his annual ride with his retired buddies for 2 weeks, I was about to strangle him from being underfoot all the time.

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Yay for the good news about DS44!!

Poison oak breaks me out in YUGE blisters. Nasty stuff.

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That the upstairs rehab is coming to a close.

That Chef has been surprisingly helpful and supportive.

Thankful for a healthy, happy, cute and clever granddaughter!

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I have the downstairs to conquer yet and then there is the SFH.  Im trying to convince Chef just to sell and do a 1031 exchange somewhere down south where  private property rights still exist (hint: NYS "good cause" eviction legislation slated to be pushed through)

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I am thankful that Eff Off Friday is tomorrow.

But for real. I am thankful that the health scare DH had last fall was prescription related. I was seriously scared to leave him alone he was so confused all the time. He's good now, but with all the tests found that he does have some cognitive decline. He's super smart, so his decline makes him of average function. Which really makes him mad!

I am thankful for two pretty great brothers (and I get along well with their wives too). We're trying to arrange a meet up in the fall. One brother and I are confirmed, and I hope the other will join us.

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I took one that had me feeling that way. Another had me feeling like She-Hulk: constantly angry.

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These past few weeks have provided a lot of blogs on toxic adult SKs. I'm SO thankful I do not have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore. Complete disengagement from the toxic crew has brought much healing and peace to my life. 4+ years now of zero contact. 

Eff Off to these dang gas prices and my ever increasing grocery shopping budget.

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DAH is on a motorcycle trip with his buddies, they had to get gas in Bridgeport Ca. the price for premium was $7.69, midgrade $7.59 and regular is $7.39