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OTish - Guest Bed Solutions???

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Sorry, blog hog.

When OSS goes off to college, we're converting his room to an office. I'm not going back to work in my office anytime soon, and DH will likely be doing 50/50 between office and WFH this fall (maybe).

I want to put a bed solution in the room so that OSS has somewhere to stay over breaks if he decides to stay with us. I assume he'll stay the same time YSS does over winter and summer. I thought about a murphy bed or futon, leaning more towards a nice futon or fold-out couch. The room isn't very big (11'x10' I think), so with a desk, shelves etc, I need something that can be more compact.

Thoughts or ideas? Wayfair has all kinds of solutions, but can be pricey. Ikea is more my price range, but quality is iffy for price. I'd usually go out and search for what I want, but with COVID, I don't want to go anywhere unless I KNOW that I'm buying it.


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We had the same scenario with wanting a guest room that could be multi-purpose.  We ended up going with a daybed that has a trundle that can be popped up to be level with the twin day bed, making it queen sized if needed.  We inherited the frame from MIL so I can't provide shopping advice.   I like hanging out in there with the houseplants and a good book.

I would have loved a cool, hidden Murphy bed but neither of us has the skills to make that happen.

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Our guest room serves as an office until we have guests. We have IKEA folding guest bed in there that looks like love seat when folded. It's not taking space. We open it up when we have out of town guests. It sells covers that match your decor too. 

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We have a nice futon couch in my office (formerly OSDs room).  It works great for guests!  It's comfy for me too if I want to shut the door and not talk with anyone but the cats.

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I would say if price is a consideration that a futon would likely be the least expensive option. You can find a decent futon mattress and frame for much less than a comparably comfortable sleeper sofa.