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O/T is anyone here into "couponing"??

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So I’ve been looking to save money. So many of our bills have gone up since the SS’s g/f moved in, and the baby came… electricity, water and GROCERY bill…

I’ve watched that extreme coupon-ing show a few times and I think that for SOME of those people, they’ve got a hoarding complex… really, who needs 250 bottles of mustard? But others, I see who donate to churches or homeless shelters, really inspired me.

I’m new at the couponing thing. I’ve been pulling coupons off of websites and such, and have found a couple that actually give you the best places/deals to combine with your coupons to get the best price.

I even got credit back for razors at Wal-Mart last weekend (woo hooo, and it’s not like we don’t USE razors, right?)

One thing I noticed is that there’s a ton of junk being sold with coupons and we eat very little prepared foods, a coupon isn’t worth it to me if it’s for something that we won’t use or eat!

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions/websites/ideas to share?

This past weekend, I saved $22.50 on my grocery bill… not bad for a beginner!

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I've seen that show once or twice. CRAZY. I cannot imagine storing all that crap all over my home!

I used to clip coupons, but don't anymore. I shop at Costco for main stuff, Walmart for boxed/canned stuff, and then the grocery store for what remains.
Costco now carries LOTS of bulk produce if you like healthy. Smile

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I'm a couponer but I do not cut coupons for stuff we don't use and sometimes even with a coupon its still cheaper to buy the store brand. Yes you can save money but I am also NOT a hoarder so we have limits on how much we get of anything and I also feel what good is it to get stuff free if its going to go bad before you get to use it. If I ever came upon one of those 250 mustard deals I'd donate it to a charity

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buttercookie, I've yet to find a coupon for cereal that will make it less expensive than either the store brand or the bagged cereals...

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There are ALWAYS cereal coupons that come out constantly. We have a store that doubles coupons from 0.01 to 0.50 everyday, no restrictions.

They also tend to have cereal sales every few weeks. Sometimes they have a STORE coupon, say $3 off 5 boxes. So, if you wait for sales like this and use the (double) coupons, I've got boxes of name brand cereal for 0.25 a box.

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I do it, but not to the extreme they do on that show lol. I am really good at saving on tolietry items. This week's paper had awesome inserts so I did stock up on shampoo, conditioner and styling products, and only paid for half bc they were all buy one get one free.

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I do it too but not "extremely." What isn't on sale and I don't have a coupon for gets purchased at one of those generic grocery stores (think Aldis, Shop Rite, Sav a Lot) etc.

I purchase bulk flour from a local Mennonite store b/c I make almost all my own bread. Clothes purchases are rare and are at thrift stores.

And yes, GG makes fun of my frugality. SMs HAVE to be frugal!!!! With skids running up the bills and/or CS sodomizing biodad so he brings home next to nothing. . .just sayin'

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I splurged and got a Zojirushi bread machine when my old one died during a batch of cinnamon rolls.