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First event for SS5 with BM. She has to look like a fool

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God I can't stand BM. I am so good to her kid. SO. GOOD. To her kid. I enjoy being in his life and helping BF take care of him. And he loves me. I've never done anything negative to her, ever. Even though she's emailed me at WORK with passive aggressive statements, I was still very polite and said I want to stay out of her and BF's dialogue. She constantly belittles BF and nags him to parent in very specfiic ways. She's so easily set off with abusive language and threats and crossing boundaries that I told BF we need to pull back on how much we interact with her.


Bed time - vent

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It's a warm summer evening. The neighbours are having a small get together of their family and are sat around a table chatting and drinking.

SS18 goes to bed at 10. There is no need for this but its his routine, what he wants. We are downstairs, DH watching tv and im finishing up from painting glass jars for tea lights in the garden.