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The Adventures of a Step Mom with a Narcissistic BM

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Last month, I went through a very rough patch with my SD and her BM.  Sprouting from me asking my SD why she was sent home from school (for verbally threatening some girls).  I received very nasty, almost abusive texts from BM.  And I did respond diplomatically once and only once.  This resulted in a further abusive email response and I then blocked mommy dearest (as i call her).  Later, I reviewed the response and decided to write a response but not send it as there is no point in doing so.  It was more for my own sanity.


Kids will be kids...right?

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I have 2 daughters, my husband has a son. We have all the kids on the same weekend. They don't fight, but they don't interact either. When they do, the son is bossy and likes things to go his way, my daughters get frustrated and just go to their rooms. It's been going on for a year now, but it's to the point where my daughters don't want to be there on the weekends because he is there. My husband says they are being unreasonable and not giving the son a chance. He also says, his son is the way he is and nothing can change that.



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So I left my step sons football practice. My step daughter was there along with step son. 5 (step son) and 8 (step daughter). My husband and I were leaving (they went back with their mom). We all get along btw. But anyway, they were all talking with their mom and my husband said bye to them and hugged them but I didn’t really say bye or hug them because I want them to initiate the hugging. Also, SD was walking with her grandmother and SS was talking with his mom. But is it bad that I didn’t say bye? I talked to them during the game though.


Make a run for it or stay?

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New to this group and honestly glad I found it. Googled what to do or why I felt this way towards bf kids (ages 3 and 5). After reading some of the other blogs I don't feel like I'm a monster and realize it's a normal feeling. Story time starts..... so my boyfriend and I have dated for 6months he has a 3yr old son and 5yr old daughter, from his previous marriage. I have a 2 boys ages 14 and 13 from my previous marriage. We both knew we had kids before we gave it a shot.


Why are stepkids so shitty?

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For a little background, I've been dating my significant other for ten years. He has two children, a 16 year old and a 12 year old.  They moved in with me in June of 2018.  Their mother is, essentially, a non-entity.  She's mentallly and physically disabled in a home. They visit her once a month or so.   They were raised by a nanny who spoiled the shit out of them, waited on them hand and foot.