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Disengaged and Happy

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I've been with hubby for the last 9 years. He had already ended his 29 year marriage to a highly dysfunctional woman (she physically attacked him on a number of occasions), but he remained to ensure his daughter and son had a good childhood, education and step on to a career path for full independence. He did a good job and has many happy memories of them as youngsters, but that seems to be his only comfort now.


Ugh...BM being stupid DH too

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This has been an ongoing thing with SS13. He does not want to read anything and keeps coming up with excuses and manipulations ao that he doesn't have to study/ read. He did getdiagnosed with a reading disability and had an Iep in grade 5( he will be in grade 9 this fall). Do not know the status of that iep or anything.( I doubt BM got off her ass to go get it reevaluated since 5th grade).


Manipulative SS12, Waiting to get married

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Hi everyone.  I'm new here and looking for an outlet in this hard to navigate blended family world.  It's really nice to know you can vent constructively with others that are living similar experiences.  I've been with my fiance 3 yrs.  He has a 12 yr old son and I have a 4 year old son.  We recently bought a bigger house to accomodate our family and pets.  Our plan was to get married and have another child.  I'm almost 38 and the baby door is closing on me.  I desperately want to give my son a sibling but I'm also open to adoption.