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Cars, Stones and backpacks

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It was a whirlwind of activity on our end. As it was a skid-free weekend, it was enjoyable in me being all about me, instead of worrying about Munchkin SD13 and her entertainment.

Firstly, the area I live near was all about cars for the whole darn week, culminating in a huge show and lots of parties. We saw cars that are concepts, so they are not even available on the market. Cars from the 1930's. Lamborginis, Ferraries, and all that.


Good news! He's learning!

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Backstory: SD16 got a car. Within 3 months, BM wrecked her own car and commandeered SD16s car until they could buy a replacement. Said replacement turned out to be a brand spanking new fancy-pants truck with all the bells and whistles. BM gives DH a sob story about how they can’t afford to keep SD16s truck on their auto insurance now because they have a new car payment and proceeds to guilt him into forking over more money to help with SD16s car insurance.