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Dear BM, your selfies make you look like a trashy, desperate whore.

One of my vices (that has actually served me well) is that I snoop. Not at other peoples houses, just in my own jurisdiction. I snoop when I have a hunch.

Well, last May, BM bought SD10 an iPad mini as a consolation gift for her taking yet another trip to her country of origin to visit family without her. SD brings the iPad here every week. I know that BM is stupid and careless, so I took a looksee at the iPad (which MY daughter occasionally sits and watches SD play on, or they take turns--my BD also has her own tablet, BTW, the Nabi)...I was looking for inappropriate apps, anything not for kids, etc...didn't have to look for long. BM has her iPhone and SD's iPad synced and uses iCloud.

Can anyone guess what was on there? Anyone? Okay, I'll tell you...in a photo folder called Photo Stream, there were: screenshots of men from dating websites, dozens upon dozens of photos of BM and her friends at the bar, underwear selfies of BM (full length--the pic, not the underwear), more selfies (face and full length), boob selfies (clothed), and (I saved the best for last) a topless selfie of BM in a bubble bath.

I'm not judging about the selfies, lord knows I have absolutely no room to talk. I'm judging about the absolute carelessness that BM has shown yet again. I'm upset that my own BD6 may have been exposed to this. (Update mid post: I spoke to my BD...asked what kind of stuff she and SD look at on the iPad...she excitedly told me about some of the games, but mentioned nothing about looking at any pics, etc, so I think we are good.)

I did approach DH about this. I asked him "do you agree that as SD10 and BD6's parents in our household, that it is our responsibility to monitor the devices they bring into our home to make sure there's nothing inappropriate on them?" Of course he agreed and asked why. And I laid it out for him. We are both pissed. He is going to delete all non-SD material, then have BM wipe the iPad clear of any of "her " stuff.

I also told DH that BM better thank her lucky stars that I've committed myself to being a better person and took the high road, or those photos would already be posted somewhere online.

I just can't believe how fucking careless she is! And I wish DH had thought to check this out when the iPad first came into our home. He's on the ball with everything, though...once stuff is brought to his attention, he acts on it. So glad that he has evolved.

I'm hoping that I'm alone in this, but does anyone else have similar stories about the electronic devices the kids bring back and forth? I couldn't believe this...couldn't have thought this up at my most creative moment...

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My jaw literally just

My jaw literally just dropped...I wish I had something of substance to say. I'd just let DH deal with this? I don't even know!

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WOW. Just wow. I am lost for

WOW. Just wow. I am lost for words.

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So DH spoke to her. She said

So DH spoke to her. She said she didn't understand that that's how the iCloud works. She agreed to clear the iPad and keep it off her cloud. What was she gonna really say?

The cow pic sounds hilarious! My best friend's husband said I should take a pic of my butthole so it gets uploaded to her cloud and shows on her phone. Of course I wouldn't, since it's SD's iPad and I'm classier than that, but the thought of it was extremely satisfyingly hilarious. Men...

In the end everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

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Don't delete those

Don't delete those pics...keep copies in case you ever need them, ie. in court.

Chapter 3, Ecclesiastes, vs. 1-8

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I'll bet she did that on

I'll bet she did that on purpose. Knowing that you may snoop. BM's know where their kids go on their iPads and iPods and maybe she figured her BD wouldn't go there and you would. Just an idea. Bitch lol

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Sadly for her, she's really

Sadly for her, she's really not that smart...those photos weren't all that were on there. It's just another example of her carelessness. If she left them on there on purpose, jokes on her, because she is truly unsexy (she actually used to be cute when she was with DH), no sex appeal whatsoever, and DH didn't even see the pics....good thing, because I don't want it ruining my sexy time with him.

In the end everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end.