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Petty competition - am I winning?

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So we all know the super bowl is coming up this weekend and my husband is a HUGE diehard fan of team X.  SD(5)’s soon to be step dad is a big fan of team Z. Team X and Z are head to head this year.

At dinner tonight, we talked about logistics for the game this weekend, and SD said “Mom told me to cheer for Z this weekend!”. We have SD over the weekend.

Due to their past I know that SD’s Mom knows who my husband cheers for. I was really bummed out. I hate the idea of programming a little girl to cheer against her Dad, on Dad’s week. I wouldn’t give a crap who she cheers for if the game was on her Mom’s week (custody is 50/50) but knowing how big of a fan my husband is (he even got a little team X shirt for SD) it kind of broke my heart hearing SD say she wouldn’t cheer with him this weekend.

How do I stop caring? Am I being equally petty by caring this much. 


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Buy a second T-shirt, team 'Z', and encourage SD to switch shirts and teams each quarter. It'll be a lot more fun to cheer for your team, as that's where the enthusiasm lies and, at 5 years of age, the child will quickly foget which quarter it is or even what teams are playing. 

(BTW, unless team X's QB is Patrick Mahomes, I'm with the STB  stepdad.)

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Honestly, yes - everyone is being petty -she's 5. She might turn out to like a different team, or maybe even not like football at all. Do you know for sure that BM hasn't become a fan of team Z too and she just wants her daughter to root for the team SHE likes (which is just as bad as DH wanting her to root for his team)? 

Anyway, it's a game.  Tell her that she can root for whoever she wants. Most likely she will wander off to do something else anyway.

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I'm sure BM very much is no longer a fan of DH's in exchange for her SO's team.  The level of fandome that DH has is pretty next level, prior to the split they toured the home stadium, all kinds of gear, etc. So BM knows what she's doing.

DH tapes the games on weeks when SD is over, and watches it when she's in bed usually, so he's never really involved her in this and wouldn't have asked her to cheer for his team or even watch this weekend unless the game was spectacularly close. 

Seems the winner of the game is like the winner of the divorce this year...


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I couldn't care less about the 'Super Bowl'.  It's Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet all the way!  It's much more interesting, downright hilarious, and by the time it's over, she will likely have had her fill.  Plus it's on in the afternoon, so much better for a kids schedule.

As an added bonus, the dogs are rescues and go to good homes.

Much better than watching over paid men play a rather boring sport.

Team Ruff and Team Fluff all the way!


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I think that you are thinking this through a bit more than it warrants.

1.  STB Stepdad is a fan of that team.. I'm sure he is trying to "get along" with SD5.. and sharing his affection for team Z with her.. which is exciting for him cause they are in the big game.

2.  like other's pointed out.. the girl is 5.. likely won't have any real interest in the game.

3.  It's ok for people in the house to have different teams to root for.  In my house it was 4 different teams.

Mom was from Buffalo.. so she was the Bills

Dad was from Chicago so he was the Bears

Brother was born in FL so he was the Dolphins

I was born in Washington DC... I was the Redskins.

It wasn't serious rivalry.. but just a little interesting to be rooting for diff teams.

I don't think that BM and her SO were scheming to ruin your DH's weekend.

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Yes, petty.

Ask the 5 year old which uniform she thinks is the prettiest and to root for that team, 'cuz, seriously, she does not care who wins.

Besides, a little playful competition between family members watching sports can be fun. Dad can teach her how to root for the opposite team, while not being petty about mean about it.

PS- Tell me who team X and team Z is, and I'll tell you who is right!

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One time DH ex sent SS for his visit wearing her fav team (SS was about 5). DH knew she did that on purpose (it wasn't a game or even that sport's season weekend, DH is long distance). It irked him a bit because it is the main rival of DH team.We rolled with it when the kid spilled chocolate milk all down the front of him I balled it up in a bag and sent it back unwashed 2 days later. (sour milk ewe). She never sent him in it again. Not proud but hey she has been a HCBM from the start and the high road gets old after a while we got one minor petty victory moment. 

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I get it. It's not about the game or even any particular team. It's the obvious intent to make Dad feel distanced from SD, and the blatant attempt to rub Stepdad in Dad's face. It's disappointing and takes away enjoyment from what can be a fun family bonding activity at Dad's house. 
I suggest that you and DH ignore the team Z shirt completely. Take it off her when she arrives and put it in a bag to be returned to BM without comment. On game day, do not mention stepdad or the shirt and it's most likely SD5 will have forgotten the whol thing and will just cheer when she sees daddy cheering. For the whole 5 minutes that she'll even stay interested in the game!