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serious vent session!

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After staying at home for the past few days, the kids and I went into town to pick up a few things. I go around to the passenger side to get the baby and someone has keyed the hell out of DH's new truck. he has even had it 2 months yet. It's a few years old but it was really nice especially because it was the first time we both had nice vehicles that we got on our own, without any help from anyone else. It was nice until I notice the scratches all the way from the bed of the truck to across the cab. Some scratches are really light and some are really deep, most are scribbles but "G" stood out then I noticed an "A" and I knew exactly who it was. We did our shopping and I prompted the entire way through the store, "Does anyone want to tell me what happened to Daddy's truck?" Nobody knew. When we got back outside I was steaming mad. I called my voicemail and pretended to talk to the police station. I asked them to send out an officer to take fingerprints and then SS7 decided to confess. We went around and around all night about what he did. He changed his story from scratching it with a fingernail to using a rock, then he admitted he threw rocks at the truck and finally he said he used DD7's shark tooth to scratch it. When I ask SS7 what made him do it, I expected maybe to hear that he wanted to see how sharp the tooth was. I got answers like I wanted to be bad or I thought I would get away with it. SS7 refuses to give an actual answer about anything. He takes things we've said and tries to feed them back to us. He's still maintaining that he hears voices in his head and they tell him to do bad things. For a while SS7 does really well and then when he screws up it is off the charts. I cannot imagine what would have happened if he would have done it to my brand new car or someone else's! So, I am at this point again thinking, I don't know if I can handle this child. I can't get him to tell me what is going on so we can figure out how to help him. On a side note, DD10 found a lighter next to his bed while we were cleaning a few days ago. I didn't think too much into it at the time and dismissed as maybe I dropped it. Thinking back I am super careful with my lighters I always keep them out of reach of the DD2 but SS7 could have definitely gotten it. With all this talk he has been doing about the voices in his head telling him to do bad things, I wonder if they are going to tell him to burn things also. Oh, to top it all of tonight he took off down the road and decided he was going to run away, until I went after him.