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Health Insurance Lapse

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Quick question I need some adice with. 

On Thursday my husband got a call him his daughters school nurse that she had thrown up at school. He went and picked her up, we gave her medicine and had her rest until it was time to be dropped off with her mother. We told her mother she threw up twice and then medicine we gave her and at what time and off they went.

My husband checked in with his ex on friday to see how his daughter was. He was told that his ex sent her to school. Hours later he gets a phone call from his ex saying she had to go pick her up because she was running a fever. (Well duh, we told you yesterday!) My husband asks her to bring her to the dr becasue the flu is running around like crazy in our area. She apparently ignores this request. Calls my husband last night at almost 9 saying he needs to take her to the dr tomorrow bc she cannot. My husband picks her up and brings her to the dr to find out surprise suprise the insurance her mother had for her was no longer active. (under the child support plan the mother is to provide the insurance and my husband pays out the ass for child support).

He calls his ex and she says well even if I fix it, you cant use it so just figure it out. We are then left with a 113$ bill and a poor child that the dr believes did have the flu and her body was battling it naturally. Since we missed the 48 hour window she just must continue with over the counter meds while we take care of her.

My question is am I out of line for requesting my husbands ex pay us back the 113$? Had she carried the insurance like she was supposed to, there would not have been a copay. (Yes, she put her daughter on medicare so she wouldnt have to pay for her insurance through her company from what I have been told). I told my husband he needs to ask her to pay us back as that was not a planned expense for us and had she taken care of the insurance like she was supposed to would have cost no one a penny in this case.


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If she had Medicaid (medicare is for old folks) - it should back pay once she signs her up again.  

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Yes sorry, that one. 

Her mother has plenty of money to pay us back now. She fought us to put my step daughter on my health insurance but doesn't even take care of it like she is supposed to. Do you think I am well within asking to request that money back from the mother?

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You shouldn't request it - HE should, if he thinks that's fair.  If she won't pay (most likely) he'd have to take it to court. 

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I agree, I will not be the one requesting it. I did tell my husband that he needs to ask her and he didnt agree with it because it is for the health of his daughter.... Well, that 113$ would not be an issue if her mother took care of it like she is supposed to. 

I was just curious to see if others agreed with my thought process

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The larger issue is for her to get her signed up for insurance again, so you don't have to pay if something big happens. 

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I agree that is an issue and my husband has told his ex to get it fixed and he will get the paperwork completed for his lawyer to add his daughter being added to his insurance when he brings her to court for child support reduction and parenting plan.

However, that still did not answer the question I had.

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Send her the bill asap, certified return receipt SIGNITURE of addressee only with 45day suspense.  See if it sticks.

You may have to eat this one. But I would still send her the bill.'

She is shifty. She knew the insurance ran out that is why she didnt take her child to the doctors. I really REALLY get the ass when moms do that. She should have been on the up and up with dh. But noooooooooooo


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Good thinking. I requested that my husband ask for a copy of the reciept and any other paperwork that was done today. I will have that sent to her!

Thank you!

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Yes she should pay you back and DH should slap her with a contempt motion for not providing health insurance as the CO required.

Let the judge beat her about the head and shoulders a little bit.

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I believe that is the step we will take when we take her to court. 

we are also requesting she be moved to ours so we never have to worry about her health insurance again since we are the ones that primarily take her to the dr. 


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Yes, she *should* pay you back, but good luck with that.

In my state, Medicaid will backdate you three months if you were eligible for the prior period.  If your state works the same, BM might be able to get Medicaid to cover the visit.

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Yeah, I know I won't probably get he money back but the fact that bothers me is that she always seems to get out of her responsibilities without any repercussions. 

her luck will run out one day.