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New to this - No kids of my own - Just SD with anger issues!

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I am at a loss as to what to do. My partner has a 20 yr old daughter with a young son. Her bad treatment of her family defies belief - police injunctions, social service orders to stop her mis-treating her son, lying to police to split up family marriages - I could write a book.

Anyway - when I started seeing my SO he was not speaking to her - I forced him to make contact and be a positive influence in her life - encouraged him to get her to make friends with her BM (who had done nothing to deserve the abuse she got) and encouraged visits. Now they're tighter than steel and I am the outsider. She's still acting up and being abusive and he no longer sees it - if I suggest that telling her gran to "F off and die" is unacceptable - what do I know, I'm not a Mum; but if I don't comment then I am not showing interest.

I feel very lonely and unsupported. I did everything I could to help them and spent 3 yrs dealing with the fall out of her lies and dramas and now I've been character assassinated across even my family. He reckons he wants kids with me even though in our last row he made it clear blood was thicker than water and I should feel guilty because I am suspicious of SD. The guy I spent the first two years with would never make me feel this low - I am only ten years older than his daughter. Was I some kind of substitute until he got her back?? I don't know how to play this - help please!! I can't have another yr like this one!!!

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I got as far as packing up on Friday after he called my family to ask them to speak to me about "my unreasonable attitude towards his daughter" - all because I lost my rag when I got home after being made redundant (I was gutted - my job was the only thing keeping me sane!) and slammed a few doors and uttered a few unmentionables when I was greeted with another SD circus.

I am getting to the age where most guys I meet will now have kids - in which case - is it better the devil you know?! Or are they not all this blind sighted???

Thanks for your honesty!! First thing that's bought a smile in days!!

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Thanks guys - I guess I knew it was time to bow out before I was murdered in my bed by his "Princess"!! - just helps to hear it from an objective view.

And Kayro - If I ever decide to start dating again I'm gonna use your philosophy - I thought guys over 40 were meant to be wise and gentlemanly - not blood pressure inducing and ruled by psycho kids!!