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Not a surprise

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H convinced sd to take the ASVAB , a test to see if you are smart enough for the military. She scored 26 on it and H was shocked that his brilliant angel would score that low. He's trying to get another test lined up. I'm convinced that a baby chimp could do better than her. I'm trying really hard not to gloat or be obnoxious about it but it's hard. If she doesn't straighten up soon I'll be stuck with her forever. But of course it's my fault she failed because I didn't encourage her. All I did was get the tutorial book and cd for her to study. She never even took them out of the shrink wrap. Wonder if I can get my money back?? I'm tired of them making excuses and blaming other people for her laziness.

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it is your fault you are the stepmom, gosh when are you going to get it??? (insert sarcasm)
I feel awful for you dear you MIGHT be stuck with her ugh!!

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one."

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He LOVES to come up with excuses if Blabb fails. DH made the mistake of blaming me once when SD8 failed her "time test"... they had to tell time but Blabb is too lazy to learn. So she fails, and DH tells me, "You should have spent more time with her on this."

:o Excuse me?

No. YOU should have spent more time on YOUR daughter.

Bah! What idiots.

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Who is blaming you because SD can't pass a test? I certainly hope its not your H...or I would give him those books and tell him he knows what he can do with them!

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she flunked it on purpose - because she doesn't want to go? Isn't that an unusually low score?? Can she take it again, after being forced to study?!

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

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she flunked it on purpose - because she doesn't want to go? Isn't that an unusually low score?? Can she take it again, after being forced to study?!

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

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should have sat down with her and gone through the test if he is so eager beaver for her to go. What an idiot! I think you should tell him that - and the idiot part as well. Gee if it rains tomorrow is that your fault too?

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Right now I don't really care. This morning I booked myself on a 2 week cruise to the Bahamas. I leave the first of March, they can sort this mess out while I'm gone. I just hope he remembers to pay the bills since I won't be here to do it. Both of them are royally po'd at me for booking this trip without their permission. Plus I bought myself a sweet little laptop to take with me. For once I'm taking care of me and they can kiss my butt.

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You go girl, and have a great time!

Just one question - can I go too? Maybe I'll work up the nerve to call my travel agent, max out HIS credit card, and go have a vacation on my own too!

Hugs to you ~ you're an inspiration!

To thine ownself be true ~

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I wish we all could go together it would be tons of fun. I don't plan on getting off at any of the port calls. All I'm going to do is eat, sleep, get pampered and maybe go dancing at night. I've got my new laptop to keep in touch. Love you all!!!!

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You will have to tell us all about it - I have never done anything like that!! You deserve it, and good thinking on getting the laptop - it is a lot easier to keep your private info to yourself, and write to us on!!

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

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I guess I've got him running scared because he took me out for a nice dinner Fri, then lunch yesterday. When we got home he gave me the Bissell PowerTurbo vac I've been wanting. Call me crazy but I love that kind of stuff, I'm a clean freak. He's been so sweet and nice but I'm still going on my trip. I need a break from them. My sons will still be able to keep in touch with me, I'm taking my cell as well as the laptop. Got a great bargain on it. Target as some very small almost purse size laptops that aren't expensive at all. H thought it didn't have enough power but for surfing the net and emailing it's perfect. I just wish you all could go too.

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That will teach em! Quick question though. I'm not sure, but isn't the ASVAB basic stuff that one should know if they attended HS? If so, what was so hard for SD. If she graduated HS then surely she should have been able to do better than she did. I'm with Most Evil maybe she meant to do poorly on it. I would be laying down the law. Purposefully attending someone's college or junior college or a full time job paying a portion of rent. Nothing is life is free. If she is not made to be accountable, she will be laying on your couch eating up all your food leaving YOUR house dirty and driving you NUTS for another 5 years. NOPE!!!

SS is 12 and he got funky with me recently. I asked him, how many more years before you are off to college? He says almost 7 why? I said good. The countdown is on because after 18 and graduation, you will not remain in my house and be disrespectful. So he says (only to try and piss me off because he is always talking about when he goes off to Georgia Tech - school of choice) What if I don't want to go to college? I said you can want or not want whatever your heart desires, but your clock is ticking. So, you need to make sure that your after graduation plans are in tack or see if BM has space in her cardboard box for ya. I tolerate some stuff, not much, but some since he's a minor. After 18...grown folks have to be where they are free to be grown and disrespectful and that AIN'T here. He looked at me as if to say "This crazy mean b#tch." Don't get it twisted.

People who get on HIGH Horses will find the fall to be painful. ~ME :->

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This is a sample of one of the questions on the ASVAB.
An oak is a


She couldn't answer it because the test is toooo hard. This is a kid who has to have daddy open a gallon jug of milk for her because she can't or won't do it for herself. H is telling everyone how smart she is and how she's going to go to collage but I think he's beating a dead horse. Today he tried to talk to her about how expensive the collage she wants to attend is. All she said was that's not her problem. I showed him the web site for the school and how it's over $25,000 a semester. I finally told him that either she joins the military or gets a job and moves out. I even gave him a deadline. This time I'm not backing down.

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"To Thine Own Self Be True" William Shakesphere

I have seen an amazing change in you since I've been on StepTalk. You used to sound so downtrodden (kind of like me :sad:, but now you sound powerful and decisive.

Can I have some of whatever you've got?

Honestly, if it wasn't for the class I'm taking, I'd be a puddle by now. H has my innerself so beaten. I mean, I'm getting ridiculous about class-achieving a perfect score, getting an congratulatory email from my instructor for a perfect lab, is what i live for now.

Pretty pathetic, isn't it? So, FM, what turned it around for you?
You went from a being a beaten woman who couldn't even keep the Christmas gifts her sons gave her, to being a woman taking herself on a cruise, a woman who is setting dealines and limits! I'm impressed.

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My father's birthday was Jan 17 and that day I asked myself what he would think about me becoming a doormat. When I realized that this was how I saw myself I knew something had to change. My father raised me to be independent and not take crap from anybody yet I had let H take complete control of my life. I was and still am ashamed that I let myself be suppressed and treated like an idiot. Also H told me that my volunteer work and groups that I support where stupid and embarrassed him. When he ordered me to stop I saw red. He knew when we got married that I took great pride in my activities yet now he wanted me to quit. My father encouraged me to stand up and fight for what I think is right so that's what I'm doing now. Each time I do I can feel my father patting me on the back and letting me know I'm doing the right thing. If I can do it so can you!! I'll be right here supporting you all the way.