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And still zero contact between DH and SD 22 9 months after another SD meltdown!

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9 months now since the SD meltdown 12 hours before we were to go on vacation with her and still not a word between her and H. Oh how life is so much sweeter now without the worry of her calling him up at 1AM because she's drunk and her bf (who appears no longer to be her bf from his Facebook pictures, yet they were soul mates and were going to marry 4 months after dating when she was 19!) is pissing her off. No more wondering what all the texts and calls were between SD and H after weeks/months of not talking where I always assumed there was some crisis on SD's end and her mother wouldn't handle it so she'd call H to take care of it, but H would never let me know what was going on. No more wondering if he's going to tell her to come up for a week or two to get away from everything down there. No more having to listen to him go on about how she needs to move up here and start over. No more of him trying to convince her to come up and watch the house when we go on vacation, which was a nightmare to me because I didn't trust her one bit to take care of our cats.

I spent SO MUCH TIME (10 years!) always worrying about SD living with us seeing as how that was H's solution every time she'd call him crying about something. She'd say that maybe it was a good idea and she'd think about it but it never happened. I don't care if I ever see her again and H apparently has no plans of trying to contact her.

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Whatever force of nature produced this result, karma or whatever, thank you! May it continue!

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Right after hubby told them he was withdrawing a large chunk of his retirement savings to buy a home for us in my birth country where our 2 kids are schooling...

there was the typical "oh its your money so you are free to do what you want with it" but after reality hits bio mum that she really has no control over my husband anymore and her using her 2 gullible daughters aged 24.5 & 14.5 to control hubby does not work magical wonders anymore...

i have removed and distanced myself away from the drama of stepcrap and its friggin amazing