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Section 7 report cafcass

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can anyone pls help as I'm going out of my mind with worry!

long story short out the blue SD no longer wants to stay. Her way of communicating that is to get hysterical refuse to get in the car and ignore her dad for what's nearly a year. BM took her to counselling because she was having panic attacks (apparently) at the thought of coming here, a long list but really extreme stuff all because she doesn't want to come. We were never provided with an explanation but BM had said something must be going on at our house because her daughter is so distressed etc.

all of a sudden BM files application for dad to see her (local to them) they live 30 mins away for just a few hours. 
Court have ordered a section 7 report which really concerns me, the basis of the report is to investigate and assess the suitability of our home, what risks harm we have caused the child and a parental capability assessment for my husband. To be clear he's a brilliant dad.

im very worried by this I have three of my own  children who actually want to be with us and live here and I'm concerned that these remarks about done thing happening at our house could get my children involved. Also I'd have to explain that to my ex partner who won't be best pleased.

so what are they looking for with parental capability and house assessments ? Any clues?

i really do not want SD back here it's causing too much stress and I think it's quite dangerous and my children will be collateral damage in all of this. What can I do I'm so worried


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My DW had a review when she was a single teen mom and my SS had a bruise on his face.  Her neighbor complained.  Though not yet my DW, she was freaking out. 

It ended up a non-issue. You may want to remove yourself and your children from the home if you have notice. If not, do what you always do.

CPS has a ton of experience responding to manipulative complaints from opposition BioParents.  If your home/family is safe and caring, the odds of CPS finding anything to worry about is slim to none.   I would advise that you engage your attorney to get some advice. Just to reduce any risk and to be ready to respond immediately to any over reach by CPS.

More importantly, have your attorney poised to slap BM with a defamation/duress suit for her manipulative crap engaging CPS. It may not go anywhere but it will tighten up BM's sphincter for a bit and get her sweating.

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I can see you have used terminology such as CAFCASS and section 7, so you are in the UK. Does DH have a solicitor? Sometimes CAFCASS won't even enter your home due to covid and dependent on the situation.  They will speak to your DH, BM and sd. What types of accusations had sd been saying? I also assuming BM has stated she wants a contact centre for visitation?