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Has my deposition yesterday

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It's was literally stupid. HCBM had her attorney ask the same stupid questions she's been complaining about for years. It's old news that has been resolved in court but she spent the whole days having him ask me ridiculous things. I dropped SS11 off at his baseball game and they asked me if I think it's appropriate to drop an 11 year old off at a baseball game. Yes. Every parent does it including HCBM. They asked if I think it's appropriate that DH "paid" SS for a back rub. Omfg!  This has been resolved! SS said "hey dad I'll give you a back rub for $5" and he karate chopped dad's back and HCBM was "concerned there could be something going on" I was like "yes I think it's normal for kids to karate chop their dad's back. My kids have certainly given me a foot rub for Mother's Day. What I find concerning though is that your client sexualizes the children over normal affection between a parent and child. Why does her kind automatically go to something repulsive where any other parent understands this is normal" ha! They asked me over and over over again about our dog. Dear god this woman never lets it go! Our sweet little 20lb. puppy likes to play with the rope swing and SS jumped on the swing and the dog went to grab the rope but nipped SS in the back of the leg by accident. It was innocent just like everything else but of course HCBM made it seem like she "attacked" SS. This has been explained to her over and over and over and over. She's still asking about it. What is wrong with her? They asked me if I was aware that the boys were "gifted" and asked if I know how to "handle" gifted children. I was like "I don't even know what that means. We handle all the kids the same" they asked about my kids and if they fight and if my husband and I fight. I mean it was purely to try and humiliate me. It was cruel and disgusting and nobody even understands what she was doing. I do. She's sick. I held my ground and was very professional and did not flinch at anything. I brought up how she sends my husband messages full of insults, shaming, ridicule ect.. and said "this is not how healthy people communicate" they tried to stump me. I didn't get stumped once! I answered everything with confidence and assertiveness. I told him "we are a happy healthy loving family just trying to do our best by these kids in a very difficult situation with someone ready to accuse us of wrongdoings at every turn. We have a wonderful support system around us including amazing therapists and I am very proud of the way we have handled ourselves throughout this process. Your client is not healthy and it shows in everything she writes. I don't know what else I need to tell you or what else you want me to explain but I have answered everything" he said "let's take a break" then came back and said we were done. They got nothing because as much as HCBM wants to believe our house is a house of horrors there is NOTHING wrong with our wonderful family. She is a monster. A complete monster. 

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Go you!

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They asked me if I was aware that the boys were "gifted" and asked if I know how to "handle" gifted children.

Unless you are in charge of their education, this is ridiculous. Behavior standards do not get relaxed for the gifted.

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She is literally nuts. Really. She is mentally ill beyond. I have never in my life witnessed someone on this level of sick. She has had all these questions answered literally 5-6 times. She keeps asking and nobody understands why she constantly asked the same questions over and over. They asked if I go to the boys baseball games. I said no and they said "why?" And I said because I have kids and I take care of my kids on the weekends and my husband goes to his kids games and takes care of his kids on the weekends. I mean this is just like any other family with several kids! Parents split up and take kids where they need to go. 
they asked if I think my husband has a better relationship with my kids then his own. I said "the dynamic is different. My kids have parents who support each other. My husband and my ex husband get along great. We all coparent beautifully together so my kids do not feel any loyalty bind and adore my husband. They are free to love who they want yo to love. The boys do not have that because their mother refuses to support our family and makes them feel guilty for having a relationship with any of us"

boom! It's the truth.

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You did a great job. You really did.

My ex and I are the same way. Life is/was much better for the kids that way.

There seems to be a lot of unwell bm's. They can't stop and they won't. It is all about inflicting as much pain on dh as possible, one way or another.





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Thank you. It was purely to try and humiliate me. Asking all sorts of personal questions that had nothing to do with anything. 

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Great job and congratulations on shredding the opposition for the official record.  Now, go for her throat. Get a copy of that depositon and make sure it gets submitted to the court the next time that a trip before the Judge is necessary.   They obviously are unlikely to want the deposition to see the light of day in front of a Judge.

When I advise that you and DH go for BM's throat it is not intended to punish her but to get her firmly nailed into a box so that you can protect your family and all of the kids from her evil destructive mentally ill crap.

Quality people and families have nothing to feel shame or humiliation about.  Those who should feel shame rarely have the intellectual capacity to realize it.

Good luck on the next round. There invariably always seems to be a next round with these kinds of people. The goal is to make the duration between each successive round longer and longer and to minimize their ability to do much with their pathetic efforts when they forget about the last humiliating round and crawl out from under the slime covered rock they crawl back to after each defeat.

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Thank you!! Yeah I wasn't humiliated because the things she was trying to humiliate me with are really nothing to feel bad about. Asking if my husband and I fight, if my kids fight, if they have mental issues. They tried to make it seem like my kid's father is a dead beat (far from it. My kid's dad is actually an amazing father who fully suppprts his kids)! Just because we didn't work as a couple I'm not going to try and say he's a bad dad) I mean they tried to tear me apart. I just smiled and said "we have a wonderful family full of love and laughter" 


Like I was disgusted! She is disturbed beyond measure! 

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What is with the "gifted" nonsense? She thinks her precious snowflakes are gifted? GMAFB...

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Yes. She had them tested and all she ever talks about is how her children are gifted. It's nauseating. I think she thinks I'm jealous or something. Lol!! Well she thinks everyone is jealous of them. It's very strange. I don't really think much of it. I think all kids have their own set of "giftedness" if that's what you want to call it. She tells them they are the smartest most special boys on the planet. Lol!!! It's really sickening. Literally nobody cares.