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Getting an RO against the Step Father.

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FDH asked about the possibility of getting an RO against his kid's step father. To make a long story short everything done by BM to keep the kids away from FDH is actually done by SF. He is the one we have to call when we want to talk to the kids, he is the one who screams and yells at us and tells us we are going against the CO, he is the one who removes the children from any venue we are at (EG the football game last week), he is the one who actually denies us visitation (beyond BM not calling the facilitators) He is the one the cops contact when we have had welfare checks done on the children.

So, FDH wants to get an RO against him after we file for custody modification. We have massive amounts of evidence (recorded phone calls mostly) of this man doing everything in his power to keep us away from the kids.

Do you think it's possible, if we ask for an RO we could get it based off the fact he interferes with visitations and such so often? Basically we want to make it so SF is not allowed in the same home as the Skids? Because from what I have seen in the courts lately and what has happened with everything so far, I know that if the court feels like throwing the book at SF, BM and Him both could face up to 6 months in jail and $500 fine PER EVERY 3rd INCIDENT (there has been 10 so far, that I can prove.)

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Also, SF has already had a Protective Order placed against him by BM that covered her and the kids, about 2 years ago.

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Hmmm... How old are the kids? I noticed that kids pick up on jerk behavior about 8, so let him sink himself. The fact that he uses the kids to falsify welfare checks-that is a huge concern, sounds like he pimps them out AND breaks the Law. It is like he keeps them all captive and controlled. Am I correct?

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Can't hurt to try. Just bring all the supporting texts, videos and emails. We have seen it done before on here.

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Technically in my opinion technically he can't violate the order as he's not a party to the family court action. A RO is pretty easy to get and worth the paper its written on. He doesn't sound like the type of guy that listens to minor things like that.

But if the kids are blocked from seeing Daddy by him or her then Daddy can file a criminal violation of the courts orders against HER. A letter from Daddy's attorney to HER threatening exactly such action if she allows her BF to continue doing this might work wonders.

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It depends but if you don't have enough for an RO you can still petition for a Third Party Interference clause in DH's CO ... SF would not be able to handle anything with the kids.

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How truly awful. I feel for you. How are things going now and what have you decided to do?