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What did you have for dinner?

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I made a bone in picnic ham, with my special Curried Brown Sugar glaze! It's stupidly good. (I posted the recipe if anyone wants it.)

I really love to cook, it makes me happy. I have no idea why, but it always has.

So, what did you/he/them cook for dinner?

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I'm substituting a green smoothie for one meal until I reach my weight goal, since I had breakfast and lunch.....I ended up with a smoothie for dinner.

Which was:

Greek Yogurt
Power Greens
A few drops of vanilla stevia

It was freaking awesome.

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Where is the recipe section? Am I missing something? Always looking for new dinner recipes!

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We had leftovers.

Tuesday I tried a new recipe for slow cooker chicken taco soup...what it actually turned out to be was chicken chili with okra...LOL...and the recipe made enough for dinner for the four of us for two nights, dinner for me and my BD7 one night, and my dinner tonight. Lol. Luckily it was good, because there was SO much!!

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they had li'l caesars. i had beer.

i totally lose my appetite when i'm upset/stewing. now all my damn pants are too baggy.

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Ribs with a spicy cayenne dry rub (my husband's creation) smoked on the grill using real apple wood and a smoked whole chicken with the same rub on it (my kids won't eat ribs, so they got the chicken)

Home made mac and cheese

Fresh tomatoes and jalapenos out of our garden

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Last night was "Dinner on the Lawn" at my BD11 school. Sounds nice right? Well that is actually code for over-priced chic fi la sandwiches and on the lawn means outside at 5pm and it was still 91 with 98% humidity. Oh and I got a side of bugs with my dinner. I was amongst all the super duper PTA moms in their jean jumpers and embroidered pocket books. I try not to have the snarl look on my face just because they don't have to work and drive big ass SUV's they can't park with 5 soccer kids in it, that is the life they chose and I love my career but sometimes I wish they wouldn't do the cheerleader act like we are the ones back in high school, but this thing lasted from 5-730 and by the time we left the whole ride home I kept thinking I'm going to send BD11 to get her shower and I'm going to suck the bottom out of a bud light STAT!

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DH had to work so I just threw together my old standby for dinner last night and lunch today.

1 cup Minute Rice
1 can fat free refried beans
Thick & Chunky salsa (any kind)
grated cheddar cheese

Cook the Minute Rice according to directions.
Add the refried beans to the pot, burner on medium. Mix well.
Add as much salsa as you want to consistency you like.
Add as much cheese as you like (I like mine cheesy).

Scoop into bowl and eat (occasionally I have tortilla chips with this).

Sometimes I put the mixture into tortillas and have vegetarian burritos or add ground beef for meat burritos.

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It's not dinner time here yet but tonight FDH and I are child free!! Oh my gosh this rarely happens. I put some mulled wine in the crock pot, made some spinach dip with an awesome asiago cheese bread bowl, and we got about 15 different cheeses and a few different kinds of bread to cut up and some prosciutto and pepperoni. This RARELY happens but I am really looking forward to it. Not having to cook for the kids! Woo!

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I made this - only I used pork cutlets instead of trout and it was roll your eyes in the back of your head good.

I also make my own salad dressings. Today I made blue cheese dressing that was divine.

I don't eat wheat, so I dredged my portion of the pork in almond flour and it was awesome.

My husband loved the spaetzle and the schnitzel.

I highly recommend trying this recipe. The mustard sauce alone makes it worth it. I left out the capers.

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If you are going to use pork cutlets like I did (because I couldn't find any trout) be sure to pound the culets with a meat mallot until they are thin. Season them before you pound them.

This is sooooooo good! You will love it.

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I'm putting up my first canning recipe of the year! I'm canning the remains of the ham for breakfast hash and pork and beans.

Kind of excited. I love getting the canner out Biggrin yay harvest season!

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Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It was a weeknight.
I make the good meals on my days off.