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Random WWYD scenario I just came up with. Breastfeeding and Teenage Skids.

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So, say you have just had a new baby. You have two pre-teen/teenager SS's. One day you are pumping breast milk in the living room, assume you are covered and you know, not being...whatever, weird or anything. Just pumping breast milk, watching TV while baby is sleeping.

SS's come in and ask what you are doing, you tell them you are pumping breast milk..(Ya'know kid, like a cow!),

Skids ask how that works...Do you show them? (using clinical terms and names) Do you send them to an educational website?

Do you take the opportunity to foster the idea that breast feeding is normal and in no way unwholesome?

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This^^^^^However...I would not be pumping milk, in a common area, if my two tween SSs were in the room.

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Yeah if I was home alone I would do it in a common area. But not knowing that I have others around... bios or skids of that age.

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I dont know Sally, shit just pops into my head lol.

Me, if they asked, I'd most likely show them with the cavet of asking if they want to see what I am doing or look at it online.

I'm not the type to just whip it out in public all nude chest I am woman hear me roar. I wouldn't be sitting topless with the pump on watching TV, I'd cover myself. But, No I wouldn't leave a "common room" in my own house, to go pump in a back room like it's a secret or something.

It's a normal and natural thing, so I dont see why I would need to leave a room.

So, following that, why WOULD you leave a room?

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Sorry Ladies, I still don't "get" the "Not in a public/common room" thing. It's the house you live in, your house. Your sanctuary.

How is any of that public?

Breast feeding..You're feeding a child. Thats it. Nothing else. Feeding a child. I mean would we take our older babies into a bedroom to feed them in the highchair?

I'm curious about the reasons WHY you would leave a room.

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I have a baby on the way in 2 months.

I'll breast feed wherever I want in my own home that I pay 1/2 the bills for. lol

SD is 7. We have talked about nursing. I would give her more details and let her watch a completed latch, or see the milk going into the bottle/bag. But I wouldn't let her see my whole nipple.

I think it's different cuz she's a girl. If it were a teen boy, I'd tell him to google it & ask me any questions he needs to lol.

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When SKids (pre teen boys) are home, I breastfeed in my DD's room. Like some that mentioned above, I am private and even out in public places I don't breastfeed even with a cover. I'll breastfeed in car or bring pumped milk.

To answer the original question, I guess it depends how comfortable you are with breastfeeding. It is totally natural and normal! I personally like to remain private.

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My baby wouldn't breast feed, but I did pump every drop of milk they drank. When I had to pump, my skid had to leave the room. They were at that creepy age where they tried to see everyone naked. I think pumping is a lot different than bfing, and should be done in private, you can see parts and it is not a natural thing. It is funny because I actually became MORE conservative about it as I pumped.
However, I wanted to be comfortable when I pumped, I pay the mortgage so skid had to make themselves scarce. Yep, I'm mean. Blum 3

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I exclusively pump and my sks live with me. 90% of the time I do it in my bedroom- it is a chance for alone time with my dd. When I do in the living room, they leave until I cover and then are welcome. My husband declared I shouldn't have to hide away so if they don't want to risk seeing anything just hang in their rooms. They really have no issue as their biomom bfed her other kids. I explained it to them but honestly they could care less- they are kids!

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idk- it's been so long and I never pumped. I'd probably explain it and show them the pump, but not while attached.

I remember how surprising it was to me the people who freaked out over my nursing (I was quite discrete!) My sister would run from the room. My aunt was disgusted.

My fil never batted an eyelash. He would sit and talk to me like nothing was out of the ordinary.

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It's a choice. Some moms I know breastfeed - and the world stops. They can't eat, drink, watch TV, blink or do anything except "bond" with their kid. Other moms I know breastfeed, and they're doing that while playing a card game, supervising an older child doing homework and keeping an eye on supper. My choice, after breastfeeding turned out to be more painful than 30 hours of labour, was to bottle feed and to treat my baby like part of my life, not like my life stopped because she was born. But I know some other moms would find my attitude cold. But then again, my experience wasn't like in stories on TV where breastfeeding is this romantic, peaceful moment with your kid.

Because the hypothetical skids are of an age to be curious and I'm a curious person myself, I'd behave how I'd like to be treated. I'd explain all the parts and pieces, maybe watch a video online with them. I'm a private person and don't even like being naked in the shower at the gym... so I wouldn't show anything if I could avoid it.