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College and the CO

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Is it possible to put in the CO that which ever parent has custody, needs to comply with any scholarship offers for college?

The oldest qualified for the Native American college prep classes and scholarships.

I honestly think BM May fuck it off and not send the paper work in.

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Yeah, we have his tribal membership papers and all that. I'm not Indian so I really do t understand all of that.

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Well, I was googling tribal offices in the skids town and found a tribal church a block from the School. The kids walk home anyway, So I'm hoping to convince the kiddo to take that paper work and his tribal cards up there and talk to one of the councilors to see if they can help him fill out the stuff.

Bm is playing dumb and saying she can't figure out how to fill the paper work out. I told her to find a pen, that might help.

Ok I didn't say that out loud. I thought it really hard though.

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Probably not. However, if BM screws up a scholarship by being an idiot DH could probably sue her for the lost college money or at least to not have to pay for that amount of the Skids college costs if college is included in the CO.

In our CS as long as SS was a full time student in good standing with a college or university the Sperm Idiot would be on the hook for CS until SS turned 23yo. The only difference being that once SS turned 18 CS would be paid directly to him and not to my bride.

No mention of scholarship application requirements in our CO.

Call your lawyer to get advice on how to address this if you can address it.

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Current CO states BM is the legal custodial parent so we are not allowed to do anything in regards to school or medical situations.

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That is ridiculous. The child is a legal adult and dad and adult child can do whatever they want to do with regards to college. Custody does not apply to adult children.

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That can't apply to college. There's nothing stopping dad from driving the kid to the office and having him turn in the forms.

Dad can take him on visit colleges and help apply for scholarships so why would this be any different.

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If you've got his tribal papers, then fill out the scholarship info and send it in. You're not registering him for classes or deciding what school he goes to...I can't see how applying to get him a scholarship isn't allowed. And, know what? Let BM try taking you to court over it. Let her waste money so a judge can ask her why the flying f**k she has a problem with a scholarship form being filled out.

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Many years ago I was an adjunct college professor in Oklahoma. I know many of my students' college costs were paid for completely by the Indian Nation.