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biomom asking for 50/50 physical custody

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Biomom has recetly requested that the court grant her 50/50 physical custody of SS5. She has had no custody of SS5 for three years now, after abuse charges forced her to sign full custody over to DH.

So, what exactly does 50/50 custody mean? I'd like to know what I can expect from this court hearing, so please share with me your experiences with joint custody.

Will DH have "primary" custody even if they make it 50/50 (meaning he will still pay all bills)? Or what? And as for 50/50, does that mean every other week? Every other day? Or does it continue to follow with the Indiana Parenting Guidelines?

Any personal experiences would be wonderful, thank you.

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She has visitation following the Indiana state parenting guidelines. So that means: every other weekend and Thursdays for four hours. She only attained this amount of visitation at the end of January this not about half a year. Before that it was all supervised. She is still in a Drug Court Program because of two separate felonies related to drug use.

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She has no place, she lives with her mother. And therefore has no bills to pay other than CS.